Monday, October 30, 2006

Bangzhi Leaving for New Zealand Again

Bangzhi flew off for the same assignement in new zealand again. so everyone, watch out for the movie "the tattooist" when it's out .. you will be able to catch bangzhi in the show. i think we gotta wait till next year before it'll be released. this time i managed to catch him with his family members while sending him off
Here are the 3 brothers posing... i think bangzhi tilted his head a little too much.. haha
OH .. yes how can a star be without fans AGAIN!! just ximply paparazzi me had to take photos of his fans no matter what!! .. see here for the previous time he left for filming
and not forgetting his pink fan... how sweet.....
This time round, he took british airways and the transit is at sydney ... a similar photo but this time his finger was at the exact position
and guess where we went for dinner after bangzhi went in? Popeyes!!! .. yeh yeh yeh

The Prestige

Watched the prestige on sunday... cos a few friends who had watched it told me that it's a must watch!! .. esp if i like memento. and after watching it, i feel that it's totally worth it even if you have to watch it on weekends..

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Joel and Cherry's Wedding

It was joel's wedding on tuesday... haven't met him for a long time. there were so many people at the event, had difficult looking for a seat and in the end i was seated quite far at the back in the church so couldn't get a closer photo of the couple since i dun have a zoom lens! ... here are some photos for those of you who couldn't make it for the event.
I met jonathan at the wedding and it's the first time i see his 8 month old kid!! .. so cute!! . haha

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jumbo Seafood

Went jumbo jumbo seafood restaurant @ serangood gardens for dinner on sunday. invited by terry's parents....

The food there was fantastic!... all of you ought to go try it. Here's what we had for that evening

Peking duck, sweet sour codfish, a very funny kind of clam which has a texture of sotong and taste really good (and i'm a person who never liked to eat clam or clam like stuffs), their famous fried yam with scallop, of course must have some vege and not forgetting the untimate chilli crabs!! .. This crab is many times better than the one we had at taman semtosa in jb. We felt that this branch has got tastier food than the one at indoor stadium. i've tried the east coast branch too, but that one is perpetually crowded and the food seemed pre-cooked. different branches has got slightly different menu because of the chefs are different. so if you have not tried jumbo, maybe you should go to the serangood gardens branch to try it outTracy and ivan totally enjoying the dinner, mother told tracy to eat more, cos too skinny not nice... haha, while i'm enjoying myself snapping away with my big camera
Here's the sponsors for my dinner , THANK YOU!!... it was a wonderful dinner treat from uncle and auntie..

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wedding: BK & SY (Part 3)

Now that the sisters have given way, it's time to go get the bride... even before the bride opens the room door, the groom was forced to read out a vow, penned by the bride!! .... and the content just seemed a little ridiculous for any man to accept... even the sisters agree (you know it when you see them laugh like that)

It's only quarter of a day over, why does the groom look so shack.. see, wedding is always enjoyable for the bride, cos it's a day where she looks super pretty and a hectic day for the groom. this is clearly portrayed in the photo above.
Here are the sisters... dun be cheated by their sweet looks here, recall how they look like at the door before this? So to add on ... the bride always look very good on her wedding day and the sisters will go all out to guard the door even if it's going to cause them to look really bad.. haha After all the games and food and photo taking, it's time to go back to bookoh's place. and we are running late, all thanks to the delay at the door...

Note: if you want to see all the photos (yes i'm repeating again, hopefully candy will respond) CLICK HERE!!

Pacific Coffee @ Raffles Link

Met up with risa and terry on sunday to discuss on work. risa chose the venue to be at pacific coffee (raffles link). when i reach there i was a little shocked to see 50% of customers are using their laptops there, later then i realise that they offer wifi for free... hhmmm is that a good business strategy? yes - will attract more customers because many people carry laptops with wifi, no - customers will stay there for the longest period of time ordering just a cup of tea. nevertheless, the place has quite a nice ambience, quite a good place for discussion or for a chat.

Ah Gong Not Doing Well

Visited my ah gong, he has been very sick since a couple months ago. He still looked fine in august when we were celebrating his birthday. I guess it's like that when you get old, plus he smokes a lot, now he's always feeling sleepy and i think he has trouble eating, that's why he keeps rejecting food, making him lose lots of weight. imagine you see certain dishes that you love very much, but the process of eating is so tormenting that you would rather not eat, i think it's really sad right?

I hope that ah gong will be able to walk through the final stage of his life comfortably without any pain. my ah ma didn't have that luxury, she was suffering from lots of pain because of the treatments and medication etc etc, so i really hope that ah gong won't have to go through that... Was playing around with my camera and decided to try out the macro lens, i took this photo of a sony remote control and i think it's quite nice!! ... next time i'll try to come out with better macro compositions to show.

Timberland Warehouse Sale

Walking around suntec on sat evening and stumbled upon a sign that says timberland sale!! so terry , chee sing and me decided to go take a look since he's looking for a pair of shoes.

It was quite empty, unexpectedly. cos you usually see lots of kiasu people at warehouse sales like this, terry really found a pair of shoes that he liked.. but if we can get 3 items, there will be a further 30% ... WAH .. 30% is really quite a lot, so we decided to look for more stuffs ...

In the end! ... spent $269 on 5 items, 1 pair of shoes, 3 jackets and 1 t shirt!!

Supper at Chomp Chomp

Remember the last posting about chomp chomp? we ordered the sting ray from the 3rd stall and it's really bad!!

This time round we found the right one.. It's the first stall, the chili was superb. but by the time i get there, there wasn;t much of the sting ray left, so no photo this time. but i got some photos i find quite nice from the supper...

Happy Birthday, Borong

Sorry for not posting for the past few days, have been really busy, it was an eventful weekend.

Started with borong's birthday celebration at settlers cafe(remember to go to the northcanal road branch, other braches not as fun).

Andy and ripple prepared a surprise for birthday boy,he got a surprise visit from.....

hoho.... peifen... see how happy he was? he totally forgotten that we were still there, it seems as if he only knows peifen in the cafe... hai.. must re-evaluate this friendship.

How can we celebrate a birthday without presents

Of course, not forgetting the cake and the sabo!!

Even played taboo... added lots of our own rules to make the game more interesting!!

here's bangzhi, yunying and ripple with their attempts for 16 continuous shot, who do you think is the best?

Borong: i hope you enjoyed your bd celebration!! .. happy birthday once again!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Wedding: BK & SY (Part 2)

10 mins drive to the bride's place, bridal car was greeted by siying's very cute nephew!!
Brothers were all prepared for the sabos by the sisters, but we didn't expect the session to be so draggy
It's so bad that the groom had to find a stool to sit down for a break, btw, he's holding some funny concoction by them, i think it was lime juice + vinegar... yucks!! luckily zhenhong finished so much of it that there was nothing left for me.

the usual bittergourd

Trying their best to get a good deal for themselves (candy might hate me for posting this photo), they actually became quite unglamourous towards the end when they started to snatch the ang pow!! ... haha any defendants??

We finally got through because siying's parents were rushing them, haha... ok that's all for today ... more coming up...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Set of Mahjong Chips

Got a suprise gift from bangzhi, he bought me a set of new mahjong chips with glitters!! for the past few months we have been substituting the missing chip with $1 coin ot 50cents coin. Now that will be a thing of the past!!

It even comes with a box to keep them, total chip value is $500 per person!! so no more 20cents 40cents rate at my place.. cos the chips are labeled and the min amount is $1 ...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beauty of a Kiwi Fruit

Have you ever cut a kiwi fruit into half and take a close look at it?
how does it look like? anything interesting?

Saw a posting from starsapphire and i found it very interesting...

Wedding: BK & SY (Part 1)

I'll be posting the pics slowly, because i do not have the time to process all of them at once... so you got to be patient (click here if you want to see all the pictures), I'll try to post the photos in chronological order.

8th October 2006 ... Early in the morning at the groom's place.

We were there early, groom was still in his sleeping clothes, so we had time for some humourous photos while he got dressed up. managed to get bookoh just before he put on his pants

Libing: Quick .... no time!!

Chop chop gel hair

Mr ho has gladly sponsored his car for the couple to use for that day, he's also the driver. Anyone bought 4D? did this number strike?

Next ... To the bride's place, luckily it was only 10 mins away

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

J4 in Johor Bahru

It's our second overseas trip!! cool!!! holding high expectations for this trip...

2:00 pm - Picked up js, jt & jl from causeway point

2:20 pm - Reached singapore customs, a little jammed, but with jt around, time seems so much easier to pass, dun even need radio in the car, he's a live entertainer

2:40 pm - LONG jam along causeway, super hazy weather, it's so hazy that js felt cold just by looking out of the car 2:50pm - saw an interesting signboard on the causeway, lousy english!! 2:55pm - so bored we started taking photos in the car, jt say out of singapore no need to put seat belt
3:00pm - jt: there's this cafe in citysquare that has VERY good coffee, later we must go try!!

3:30pm - finally reached city square and found a parking lot, so the first thing was to look for the cafe with very good coffee

3:35pm - found season cafe and ordered our drinks and 2 cakes. my lime soda tasted like mama lemon according to them, the apple milk tea taste a little funny, irish cream ice blended not bad, tiramitsu ice blended dun taste like tiramitsu.. drinks rating-5 out of 10, cheesecakes-7.5 out of 10

4:00pm - walked around citysquare and realised that there's nothing to shop for

5:00pm - decided to go to another shopping mall across the road, WRONG choice, that shopping centre has almost no chinese shoppers!! lagi more difficult to buy things

5:20pm - walk back to citysquare, found a ulu shortcut, while walking across the ulu path, we saw a few dying birds or were they chickens by the side ... hopefully they do not have bird flu

5:40pm - dinner time, first stop, paper wraped chicken, some call it emperor chicken, it's some where near taman sentosa, i dun know the address, just knew how to drive there. we ordered 1 chicken and 4 barley drinks, that's all, a few stalls selling this chicken, but if i'm not wrong, this one is the best. Zhu2 Lin2 bamboo restoran. haha ... ratings: chicken-9.5 out of 10, barley-7 out of 10
6:00pm - second stop, taman sri tebrau hawkers centre (taman sentosa) for seafood!! actually this is the main reason why we want to come jb, for the cheap seafood!!
6:05pm - found a seat, quite a few stalls that sells seafood, but i vaugely remember a friend telling me to look for a stall that has a number on the signboard, so it gotta be the one with a super big 59
6:10pm - ordering starts. 1 bbq sting ray, sambal kangkong, butter oat prawn... but dunno how much to order. waiter: 100g of prawn for $4. jx: how heavy is 1 prawn? waiter: 100g for 2 small prawn or 1 big prawn. js: ok we'll have 8 big prawns. next is butter crayfish... decided to have 1 crayfish each ... so we ordered 4 crayfish. and 1 chilli crab with 6 pieces of fried mantou.. also ordered fried egg oyster, chee cheong fan and sugar cane ...
ratings (out of 10) : sugar cane-9 (cannot really go wrong), chee cheong fan-6.5, oyster egg-8, kangkong-7, stingray-7, butter oat prawn-10, butter crayfish-8.5, chilli crab and mantou-7.5.

price : RM $165

8:15pm - dessert? haha we all bought 3 mangoes each from the friut stall, jl could actually talk to them in melayu!! still waiting for the mangoes to ripe, dunno sweet or not ..
8:30pm - went to top up petrol and then chill out at a pub called orang orang... i think js jt and jl want to kill me for bringing them there... rating for drinks here-2 out of 10 ... never going again. but the interesting thing here is that the waitresses have number tags and you call them by their number

9:15pm - leaving jb at the flyover towards the customs, jam starts!! bad sign..

10:15pm - drove pass citisquare, js decided to tuen up the volume of the radio because we have been listening too much to the jt channel.

10:50pm - got out passports chopped

11:00pm - jam at singapore customs

11:20pm - cleared customs.....

11:40pm - js reaches home

11:55pm - jt reaches home

12:20pm - jl reaches home

12:40pm - jx reaches home .....

that's all from our 2nd overseas trip, and i forsee many more to come!!!