Friday, August 31, 2007

Poor Guy

Poor zt, after a visit to nuh for a check, he ended up with a big bandage around the head. the kind where you usually see on a person who just had a car accident or a bad fall and suffering from severe head injuries.
This photo was self taken when he was at the hospital, and while he was walking around the car park, he couldn't remember where he parked his car, a staff actually asked if he was ok, most probably thought that he must have lost some memory with the head injury. it looks really serious right?

So i was telling him jokingly that with this bandage, he'll not be able to perform at the getais, and there's not many days left in the lunar 7th month. but i was wrong, according to him the performer usually go on stage with a headdress, so he can actually have the big flower petals headdress from 881 papaya sisters to cover up his big bandage... then going on stage wouldn't be a problem..

Of course, having mindy ong as his partner on stage will be even better...Remember to inform us on the date and venue for the performance, i'm sure all of us will be there to support you.

Getai Craze

After watching 881, i really felt thaht i should go take a look at a getai performance. a few days ago, i was in yishun and there was a getai set up at the carpark. so i decided to go take a look to see if the performers were as entertaining as the papaya and durian sisters.There's this guy from taiwan, and he could sing a duet by himself, and he alternates between the male and the female voice. his costume was interesting too, when he first appeared, he was wearing this funny gold colour cap that looked like an oversised cook's cap(is there a term for the headdress?), and he had a cape, all in gold like some sort of a superhero. immediately i thought to myself, if he can go on stage to perform, i'm sure zt can do so too, with a mum being able to teach him singing techniques, he just needs to get some costume and go on stage. i'm sure cruz is more than willing to help him get a slot from his getai manager friend.

A malaysian singer.. claimed to be the lizhi of malaysia

After staying around for a while, i felt that it was not even half as entertaining as that we see in 881, or are there famous getais that actually have better performances, anyone knows about it?

Another scene you see quite often if the getai it set up in the car park. you get makeshift box seats!!

And not forgetting the lighting man.. without him, the performers' glittery costume will not be shimmering in the dark.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Por Dor

It's the hungry ghost festival again. i'm sure we all know that, esp this year cos of the movie 881.. as a annual company event, we decided to have our prayer session last week, for those who do not know, this is called por dor in hokkien, i dunno what it means, just hear it year after year. some photos from the session here.

Dad lighting the joss sticks...

Mum praying for a better future for the company...

Offerings and food(our workers love this session for this)!!..

This year, we have more staff and thus more people at this event. check out photos from last year here.

Have been blogging for more than a year, slowly more annual events will start to repeat and we can start comparing photos from the previous year
After all the praying and burning, it's time to enjoy the food.. here's my nephew from malaysia, cute right? i realised that i have so many cousins that i cannot keep track of the nephews and nieces i have..

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Search for Stars has Started

Ok .. i have picked a few photos of andie from the roadshow to be posted here, cos come friends read my last post on star search and asked "so who is your friend?" ...

Here's him posing for the wild crowd while the hosts are interviewing the rest of the contestants. during the roadshow, they contestants go one stage in groups of 4 to interact with the audience with some games. and andie's game was charade.. i'm sure he mist have enjoyed it totally, moreover he was the one acting!! look at the photo below and you know why so many people says that he looks like jim carey, i wonder if he will be tasked for such a role in the competition.
He and his naughty pose while waiting for the finale where they all go one stage for some photo taking. and look at the girl on the far right, i felt that she resembles a hk actress, but i cannot remember the name. anyone think so?

Last tuesday was the first studio live recording for the competition. mainly to introduce all the 20 contestants to the public viewers and also the 3 judges.
I arrived a little late, so i ended up with a lousy seat at the side. and it was so far from the stage, i couldn't get a decent photo of andie from here, thus i shall not post photos of him. jeremy, another of andie's supporter from mdc was late too, and he sat beside me, and during the waiting times we chatted a bit.. but only after the whole event that bangzhi told me he was one of the members of g-force, one of the contestants for superband. i guess when he introduced himself to me and i just chatted with him casually made him felt like "hmmm so you do not know that i'm a member of g-force". ok other than the 2 of us who had to sit on a seperate block because there's limited seats, here are the rest of andie's supporters, mostly in red.. Including his grandma, in a hip hop pose showing her bling bling ring.. and look at her bling bling shoes!!!

At the end when the recording ended, andie's aunt who saw me carrying a big camera, asked me to follow her down to the stage cos she wanted me to help her take photos. i was thinking to myself "no point lah, cos the contestants won't be allowed to waste time posing for phototaking, moreover they are all walking into the baskstage already, and there're lots of chance for her to take photos with andie next time" it was only a while later that i realised that she wasn't intending to take photo with the contestants, it was the judge she was eyeing on, and she even got andie's parents into the photo.. Remember to tune in to channel 8 every tuesday at 8pm for the competition. no votes required this time. the next show with him will be on 4th sept!! if you want tickets for the recording, do let me know, but i dunno if he will have enough tickets, but i guess no harm asking right?

Wii Sports

It was sunday, and the plan was to go sentosa for a day of sports, sun and fun.. and the it draws nearer to the stipulated time, the sky became gloomy.. hai .. met up ay vivo city and decided to not go sentosa, just in case it rains when we got in. after some light snacks at vivo, we decided to go goldie and shengrong's place for wii! i have never played on a wii although i have heard quite a lot about it.
Wii bowling, where you swing your hands like you are holding the bowling ball, intersting man! i was quite impressed by the handheld sensors!! next we tried wii boxing, and shengrong gave us a demostration. it seems very easy, he was sitting down and he just waved his hands a little here and there!
Bangzhi and kelvyn decided to play against each other and instead of just waving their hands to control the character, they decided to play it like they are really in the boxing ring, with fall scall hand and leg movements!! it can be really tiring!! so i guess they got some sports although we were indoor and sentosa plan was cancelled.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Silkair Monopoly Challenge

Went down to ngee ann city with bangzhi and kelvyn for the silkair monopoly challenge, cos bz registered and is participating for it in hope to win to top price of $10,000 cash and 1 yr of unlimited flights on silkair. It was really crowded, the area infront of the building had a large tentage erected and around 50 tables of monopoly sets set up.. the aim was to collect as mush money and assets as you can in 1 hr, and the top 16 contestents with the highest nett worth will get into the finals.
4 rounds has passed when i was there, i thnk there were about 200 to 250 participants for each round. and the top 16 has assets worth more than $100,000.. it's so impossible, try playing monopoly yourself and see how much you are worth in 1 hr. after some tips from bangzhi, i realise it's not just about luck.. lot's of skill involved, esp in terms of negotiating with the other contestants.
It was quite sad that bangzhi was at a table with 3 very new players and they were slow in throwing the dice, meaning money flows into the game very slowly, with a very new auntie (doctor) player totally un-negotiable, and always wanting very good deals for herself... in the end, he won for the table, but his nett worth wasn't high enough for the finals!! i'm starting to find the game interesting, maybe i should start playing it leisurely!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Listen to This


Monday, August 20, 2007

Star Search 2007

If you have been watching local channels, you should have seen the promo clips for this next talent search programme. the one where zoe tay was found. went for the roadshow at plaza singapura over the weekend.. going to town on a sat afternoon is really not easy of you are driving. jam at cte, jam at newton, jam at cairnhill, jam at orchard, jam at the carpark entrance. sembawang to ps takes more than ah hour!! next big question you have is why am i doing this.. cos andie is participating mah, so gotta go support .. so here are the photos and some interesting people...
The 2 beautiful host for the event, peifen and xuqi. xuqi was emphasizing that she got into the media circle through star search too... 10 yrs ago.. wow, i was a little shocked, she still looked really young after 10 yrs..
Went there with bangzhi, his dad, stanley, his friend, kelvyn and there were a group of andie supporters. they had self made posters and banners in their hands.. art teachers will be so proud of them if those were their art projects.
Here's an interesting person beside kelvyn, read the details on kel's blog (click to open).

Another interesting guy is this one, totally enthusiatic, especially when the hosts were trying to get volunteers to go one stage for some games with the contestants. he was frantically waving and shouting to xuqi (who wasn't very far from him. but with such enthusiasm, i guess any host will be afraid to get him on stage, just in case he gets too wild and uncontrollable.

Xuqi: we need a guy for the next game, is there any guys who want to volunteer?
Guy with tie: (raises hand high up) me! me! me!
Xuqi: (looks across the guy) where are the guys, how come no guys are willing to come on stage?
Guy with tie: me! me! (waves wildly) i'm a guy (nan ren)!!
It's really difficult to be a host.

Will post more photos of andie later, took too many, haven't decided which to post. Watch out for the show tonight(tuesday)!! (8pm channel 8) this time round no need to vote. it's 100% by judges.

Unusual Growth on Salivary Gland

As promised, i shall update on my friend who was warded. he found an unusual lump somewhere behind his ear lobe, and it started growing bigger, being worried, he decided to check it out with the doctor, and it's actually a tumor!! shocked!! the doctor had to test to see if it's belign or malignant (i only got to know these 2 words now, if you do not know, check doctor advises to remove it before it becomes cancerous. so he was scheduled for a day surgery to remove it, and it sounded simple.. wrong.. the operation took 7 hrs and he woke up in pain, all over the body, who knows what was done to him (his body) when he was on general anaesthesia.
The wound was bandaged up and it seems like a very big cut around the ear right? i guess they really have to open it up wide to take out something as big as an egg... so according to him, he now feels that there's this hollow around the ear, like having a tooth missing. a really big tooth.

Oh and if anyone who knows about insurance is reading this, is there any policy where one can claim for a surgery like this? cos it's $7k!! not including ward charges yet... and who knows when would any of us get something similar.. cannot be borrowing from loan sharks to pay for medical bills right?

Today, he went to the doc and got the bandage removed... and he took a photo of how his ear looks like now.. view it at your own risk... if you think you will freak out, please do not click anything and the posting ends here... btw.. no prizes for guessing who this unlucky guy is. and another btw, this thing is called pleomorphic adenoma, i wonder how doctors can remember all these terms.

Click here to view the photo

Sunday, August 19, 2007

881 Yo Ah Yo

Have been reading many reviews about the local production 881. and i realised that no one wrote bad reviews about it... so i felt that it's a show i must watch.
Caught it with jl on one of the weekday and realised that more than 90% of the show is in hokkien. luckily there was subtitles. if not i would be coming out of the theatre totally blur. the hokkien songs were nice.

Loved the song that they played at the end of the show, singer has a nice voice too, totally suitable for a song like that.

Another song that created quite an impact on me in the show was the song on 12 lotus flowers. it's a very sad song. here's a version of the song not from the movie posted by cruz. zt has been singing this song a lot this week...

After the movie, we had dinner at terra cafe in vivocity. a very wrong choice. only when i sat in there and jl asked me if it's the same on as that in bugis junction that i recalled reading a bad review about this place.. decided to give it a chance. and regretted!! dun eat there...Just when we were done with dinner, got a call from a friend to say that a supposed day surgery took longer and more complicated than expected and he has to be warded. so we rushed to nuh to see how he's doing..will post more on that later...

Another Birthday

It was xingzan's birthday and he was on half day, so i met up with him for afternoon tea at this small cafe called house of bread in simpang bedok. very quiet place, suitable for tea and chat. and he always trys to block himself when i want to take photos of him, this time round, he didn't but the photos i got wasn't really clear, but anyway, here's one of them... This friendship has come a long way.. since sec school .. and whenever i say something like that, i really feel very old.. haha.. anyway... happy birthday xingzan..

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy JS Day part 2

Another simple celebration for js' birthday. This time round just jx js jt and jl, and if you have forgotten, it's the j4.. hahaha
Dinner at basil alcove, followed by chilling out at dempsey hill, initial intention was to go ps cafe, but it was far too crowded and we didn't know how long will the wait be, so we took a walk around the area.walked to the ben & jerry's cafe and there were available seats, instead of waiting for one at ps cafe, we decided to settle for it here. they had some kind of promotion for national day as well as uob card, so instead of 6 scoops, we got 8 scoops of ice cream..

Everyone felt that this whole think looks more like ice kachang... i'm not sure if it's because of the crowd that made them rush through making the ice cream or is the standard like that all the while. this merlion thing looks like merlion's vomit!! the whipped cream seems over whipped. we should have asked for the toppings on a seperate bowl. or even better, every scoop on it's individual bowl.An as usual, before anyone can start eating, there must be a round of photo taking, it's always more interesting to have photos on your blog to illustrate what you want to bring across right? and here's all the gadgets we have for times where the moment is to be captured, of course my big one was currently in use.

And it has been a long while since i use the label j4, which means the 4 of us haven't met up for so long, i almost thought i couldn't use this label anymore. i wonder who's the busy one.....

Back From Shanghai

Siying is back from shanghai for a short holiday, and we decided to catch up over dinner at fish & co at novena.. and everyone was really late .. i was 30 mins late and i'm the second one to arrive.
This lady have been enjoying life in shanghai with weekly facials and manicures, everything seems really cheap there.

And it has been a really long time since i've met grace and weihong.. they didn't change much though.
Another person who always seems too be busy with work is junwei, and he actually made it for this gathering...

Dinghong, the person who suggested the place can actually forget about this dinner totally!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weekend Getaway (Part 2)

We spent most of our time nuaing at the resort. the pool was quite small, but since there wasn't many people using it, we have most of it to ourselves at most times. walked around the area around the resort, around the mountains, to other resorts, along the beaches and the mangrove swamps.. and we were happy that we got the railay bay resort, the others, except 1 which i'll talk about later, seems very lok kok. and we manage to get hold on a couple bottles of chang beer! wonderful for a hot afternoon.

The beach was fantastic. lot's of tourist sun tanning there, i wonder why they prefer it there with the sand rather then at the pool. anyway, the beach is full of activities, locals playing soccer, volleyball, frisbee etc.. kids building sandcastles, and we saw this artist (looks like one from his cap) who's making a sand beauty!! it was really nice.. regret not asking the guys to strike a pose around the artwork.

And a the end of the beach, we saw a huge swimming pool!! really huge.. and then we realised that it belonged to another resort called rayavadee. once we walked into their premises, the security guard approached us to ask if we needed any help? very courteous. then we faked to ask about their spa and facilities. so he brought us to a staff at the restaurant just by the pool and she made a phone call, then she told us to wait while the buggy is coming to fetch us to the spa!! on the way to the spa, we realised that the place is really big!! it's like a huge jungle, and the cottages are so beautiful and situated quite a distance from one another. cut the story short.. cheapest spa service costs around s$150 and the cheapest accom for 2 cost s$1000 a night!!!! you get to take their posh ferry to the bay as well.. check out their website.

Happy JS Day

Js' birthday has past but many cannot make it on the actual day, so we had a belated celebration. i had to miss the surprise party because i was not in singapore. and rip did not tell me it was supposed to be a surprise, i nearly wanted to sms js to tell him i'll meet him another time since i cannot make it for the gathering. so on wed, i finally met up with him together with rip sr kel goldie and anan at sushi tei.

And because the presents he wanted are too expensive for us to give as solo gifts, we had to do the same as what we did last year ... give ang pow!! and the angpow is big!!It was a creative ang pow made by ripple.. the card was cute too!! and of course, we took lots of photos.. and here's showing you people how to take a good group photo.. first preparation.. then after lot's of you might be able to get a good shot!! and goldie found out from somewhere that if you say "yeh" when posing, the smile looks ore natural, go try it and see for yourself. click on the photo below to see a larger version if you cannot see the text clearly
Oh and shengrong finally got his braces removed after having it for 6 years (dun you think that's a very long time?).. i dun even know him back then. so how does he look without them?
Here's a photo that i like very much from that day. the smile was natural.. unlike the many funny faces from him in the group photos!! Happy birthday js, remember to show us the present that you got from the angpow!!