Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shrek 3

Watched this at vivo, midnight show, with chengguang. wah .. trying to find a lot at the lobby near gv is not easy even at 1230am.. are there that many people driving there to catch a midnight shows? or do people park there too to go to st james.

I was quite tired, and i wonder why, i remembered sleeping quite a lot the night before, so there was this part in the middle of the show where things are a little slow moving that i couldn't really keep my eyes open. the show was entertaining, storyline is more or less quite expected. animation is fantastic.. everything seems very real, esp the hair!! ..

Oh and as i watched the trailers, this movie caught my attention!! and it's a must watch. transformers, not the cartoon, but transfermers real!!! super cool, the sound they make when they are transforming, bring back the old memories of the cartoon!! autobots vs decepticons!!

and thanks for the movie, cg!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Absolut-ly New

Absolut got a new addition, absolut pears.. seldom see anything with pear flavour, in fact i dun really know what the flavour of a pear? .. we usually see mango, strawberry, apple, rasberry, peach, etc .. but pear? really interesting
Anyone going overseas anytime soon? and not getting liquor for yourself? help me get this!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome to Singapore

The pirates of carribean 3 was much discusses about, especially when you see the trailer with chow yun fatt saying "welcome to singapore" Since i had to ftech my dad from the airport at 3:30am on sat morning, the time before that is just suitable for a 3 hr long midnight movie! got junlong to watch with me at bishan, he told me there were lots of seats availble, which seems surprising since it's the first weekend after the release. when i got into the cinema and realised that i'm sitting on the third row from the screen, i looked and him... "sorry i saw the colours wrongly" he mistook the available seats for unavailable... but it wasn't that bad lah ..

As usual like part 1 and 2, i was rather blur for the first half, dunno what they are doing, what they are talking about etc.. until later in the show. was quite happy with the show. still funny, and action was there. next in the list should be shrek3 i guess... why other shows worth watching?

Current Big Project

Busy with work recently, mainly with this new project
Familiar place? if you have been around commonwealth, queensway area, you would have noticed this building by the road. blessed sacrament church, in the past they display this as damien hall, so some of you, including myself is more familiar with that name.
They just built a new building and needed carpentry work to be done in it.. and i was lucky to have gotten the job!!
Mainly storage cabinets in all the rooms, kitchen cabinet in the common kitchen, and some other carpentry stuffs, i spent quite some time about a month ago drawing out all the required items and looking at the qhole stack of drawings, i actually felt quite proud.. but i know a lot more time will be saved if i knew how to draw with the help of a computer software!! can anyone help? anyone can teach autocad? and also 3d rendering??
We are halfway through the project now and i hope we will complete it by the end of this week, seems a little rush though, at least i hope the majority can be completed. and they need 2 rostrums, anyone came across nice rostrum designs? i need inspiration for simple and elegant looking rostrums, i tried seaching google image but nothing suitable came one.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gifts from abroad

Received some gifts this week!! .. hooray.. more to the collection..
Hansen gave me a big beer glass from hard rock at niagara falls.. cos the shot glass are sold out.. it's really huge i gotta place it on the open cos my display cabinet doesn;t have that much space. and also a can of coke from korea.. never knew he went korea, only remember he went to the states..
Terry got me hard rock shotglasses from beijing, and it only comes in a pack of 2.. so i have 2.. haha .. and a can of coke from there too.. oohhh.. and a baby milo keychain!! ..

Loved the gifts .. thanx...


It was 9 plus on a thursday and i just got off work. yihan and terry were in town and we decided to watch a movie... so with his new hi tech phone, terry found out that there's "next" showing. cool it's another show where some one has supernatural powers..
The show was good, the way the story was revealed was cool.. but the ending was too abrupt, and it didn't felt like an ending, it would be nicer if the story could continue and we can know what's going to happen next. and it doesn't look like that's going to be a sequal...but generally, it's a good show..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gathering with Some Friends

Had a gathering with some of the guys from lb last night.. went amk for botak jones western food
This is quite a interesting place, cos it's set in a coffee shop, you will usually expect the items offered are displayed above the stall, but here, they have so many that you will be presented with the menu before you place your order, and the menu is quite a thick booklet.
Very seldom you get anything more than tomato ketchup and chilli sauce when you are having western food at a coffee shop, but see where they have here? mustard and other sauces that i dun even know.. some of the food was really good, like fish and chips, but there are also disappointing ones, click on the above link to see more of the food.

Anyway, it has been quite some time since we met up as a group like that, everyone have been busy with stuffs, school work, internship fyp etc etc. jingpei's thinking of joining kaisi in being a waiter in the air and hansen is thinking about flying an aircraft as a career.. and surprisingly, everyone seems excited about going to the zoo for a visit.. i guess that will be the next outing, just need to set a date.. singapore mandai zoo, here i come again!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fulfilling Sunday

The day started with me having to pop by my office again. arranged to meet zhentao for afternoon tea at ikea. and wanted to go gym after that before going to my aunt's place for a family gathering and dinner..

After he got lost while getting to js place, i think he needed an updated street directory, i hope with this he will be able to find his way around more easily.. unless the reason for him being lost doesn;t lie in the sirectory but in him .. hahaha .. we shall see in time to come

Lazy sun afternoon, free coffee at ikea, really shoik, and condusive for a good chat.. i dun really believe that we talked from 2 to 5pm and my parking came out to more than $3 .. and i had no more time for exercising .. but it was an enjoyable session.

So off to my family gathering and after dinner, it was time to meet junlong at vivo, and i'm going for dinner part 2.. was quite full so didn't ordered much, just had some bites of the dishes we ordered at shin kushiya, seen this place many times but never walked in to try the food, finally the chance was here.. 2 person, 1 with an almost full stomach spent a total of $50plus here!! ... wow!! oh junlong paid and i assume he's treating!! haha

Finally i'm watching spiderman3, and we watched in at the gv max, super big screen at the same price. the show was really draggy, but i still like all the action scenes, how come they can't have more of those and less of the soap opera parts... and here comes another busy busy week!!

So Many Places in 1 Day

Events for the day was planned by ripple, and it was indeed eventful, although there were some cock ups here and there, but it was really a tiring but enjoyable day. it started we me having to work, because of a big project we are currently working on.

Lunch was at tcc at bugis, i was quite late because of work at the office and the travelling from north ot south of singapore and the usual cte and rochor jams...nua for some time at tcc with rip js and borong, took some or quite a lot of photos..this one being the most hilarious.js gotta get some stuffs for a party he's attending so we proceeded to the supermarket before heading to mandai!! not to the zoo but to orchid villa.. not to buy orchids but to attend a "graduation ceremony" of a course my mum's attending!! there was some time before the ceremony starts, so it's photo time againyes the flowers really got into his mouth!

Once borong saw this heap of plants, he planted himself right in the middle, cos this plant is supposed to bring financial luck.. and we are playing mahjong at night.. so he's hoping it will bring him good luck, and it did, he was the biggest winner of the game..

After mandai, borong left us for another appointment, and the 3 of us went safra yishun hoping for a few rounds of bowling, but it was so crowded that we decided to just walk around.
A nice suspended bridge and rock climbing walls at the club, beautiful sky during dusk, perfect for more photos..

And we did, till i started to get sweaty, we decided to make a move, and it's time to go over to js' place for dinner while he go for his party and wait for the rest of the kakis to arrive for mahjong!!

While waiting, i watched tv for 3 hrs!!! and ripple continued on her current big project with js.Had to blurred it out cos she didn't allow it to be seen by the public until it's complete! so you can either break into js' place to see it or wait till it's completed.

Majong only started at 11 plus because zhentao couldn't find the place on an old street directory!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Back from China

Long long ago, chongwei recommended this teochew restaurant to us, and we visited this place every now and then since the time we got our driving licence, since it's situated in the middle of a car park in tiong bahru. chongwei has returned to singapore from shanghai a few days ago, so we decided to meet up and go back to por kee eating house (click for food reviews) for dinner. this time he will be back for a month cos he decided to leave franck muller and should be on his way to somewhere more prestigious..

The food was a little disappointment cos we felt that the standard wasn't as good as we had it the last time, esp the cereal prawn. luckily the yam paste was still good. cos we had a really good impression of that the last time.

Here's an update of jerard's development in jiehong's womb. he is scheduled to see all of us in person somewhere in sept, and there are quite a few of us with birthday's in sept, will it fall on any of our birthdays.. we shall see..
I guess we'll still have more chances to meet chongwei before he flies back to shanghai next month, those who haven't met him for some time, might wanna take this chance to catch up with him..

Went to the airport to fetch terry, cos he just came back from beijing from a short nus exchange trip. most unforgettable event there should be his handphone dropping into the lake there... it's a sign to let him know that it;s time to change a handphone. and we went supper at geylang, he suggested this dim sum place cos it was famous and he felt that it was really good. but after the filling dinner, i can't eat much, interesting name for this place. it's 126 (cantonese name for this place is pronounced very similarly to 126 in english) click here see the chinese character

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5 Broken Bones

Title is copied from the subject himself. Big thing happened to cruz... you might have heard it from the radio or from the newspaperIf you haven't heard about it, you might wanna hear (read) it from the person himself. surgery was done last night, so before he was discharged today, jl and i decided to go visit him at the hospital.He looked good, doesn't look like he was suffering from pain or tired from the surgery etc..maybe he's trained to look good in the pressence of any form of camera. you will agree as you see all the folowing photos.
The affected foot was totally bandaged up, and from the x ray, every single bone there has got some stuffs there, it's either nails or wires or some blades, all to keep the bones in place until they recover.
Does he look like he need's mc? i think he can start working, doesn't need his foot to work anyway right?

Something new to learn, how to use the crutches, after going through the lesson, i realise that it's not easy, especially going up and coming down the stairs, and he's definitely not good at it, he's merely using the crutches like a fashion accessory and pratically hopping on 1 foot.
Beautiful flower basket from sun and a big fruit basket from milk and a nice big candy heart from ripple and js. hai, the coke, grapes, i-weekly and sushi we bought gotta siam ji pi liao, no space... sob sobAll of you reading this, remember to get yourself a personal accident insurance policy, you do not know when you will fall into a drain. if you dun have a pa policy.. it will cost you $10k....

Have a speedy recovery, remember to think of how we can play mahjong ok? and i dunno how to label this post.. so i chose "something interesting"

Rest in Peace

Kelvyn's grangma just passed away, went down to the wake together with goldie, shengrong, anan, ripple and js. first time at a roman catholic wake. the mood is slightly different from toaist wakes. there isn't long and elaborated processions, no fanciful decor, very simply. and.. no curry chicken. but the usual peanuts, melon seeds, sweets and drinks are still available.Did anyone of you realise that you only see this drink during wakes and funerals? i have never seen it at any other occasions. and this is my favourite candy, fruit plus. and the melon seeds here are very different, it's much nicer than usual, very crunchy, and very addictive. this session seems more like a gathering for us, since we haven't met kel for some time, and he just had a surgery on his hand, the hand is still quite swollen.
Some nice photos from the evening..Really love this candid shot, this should be my fave shot of goldie so far
... anyway, we proceeded to hong kong cafe for supper after that, and found more nice food there.. check out the link above for details on the food. and ripple showed me something shengrong can do!!

he can stretch his tongue to touch his chin!!! .. but he cannot do it the other way, he cannout tough his nose with his tongue.. unbelievable

Lunch with Busy Seaman

Junlong was out at sea for the past 4 months, and finally returned to singapore.. must be a rich man now from all the allowances he got for such a long trip.. and he didn't even offer to treat me dinner ... hai...
Went azabu sabo at marina square for lunch on sunday, food was not bad, but not very cheap, it costs slightly more than $50 for 2 person. but thay have quite nice food, they also have very disappointing items, kian seems to not like the food there. but i loved the cold ramen.. super good.

Realised that he picked up salsa too.. hhmm seems that this sport is getting popular, never seen it before, but it seems fun, anyone wanna learn? .. is it difficult to pick up?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Extravagant Chalet Retreat

Every now and then, we all like to book a chalet, get a few friends and stay over for a night or 2, with bbq, games, chatting etc etc. but sometimes facilities at a chalet seems quite run down and doesn't really give you the feeling that you are at a retreat. so what's the solution for that...

Book a high class chalet.. so together with lawrence leng regina and joey, and with the help of js for the lobang, we booked a night's stay at raffles the plaza. went down early to check in, but they could only give us a room on the 6th floor, but they offered to upgrade us to the premium room at $40 more. cut the story short... we upgraded and got a room on the 18th floor.. harbour view ... it's feels shoik just to stand at the balcony to look at the marina waterfront.
Premium rooms boast a larger washroom over the deluxe, and wow!! it's giagantic, with rain showers and lots of space lot's of glass, white clean looking bathroom..

The rest of the room was fantastic too, with a bose cd player, lot's of room for activities, tv with lots of cable channel. thick and fluffy comforter.
We nua the afternoon away in the room, at the pool, to the spa etc.
Leng with her long overdue birthday presents..
Proceeded nearby for dinner at curry favour, the food was not bad but the service was a turn off.. how can a waitress complain that we make her stand too long while waiting for our orders.. probably that's why regina's mood was spoilt and she dinner eat well.. in the end, we went chippy to get some snacks, the soup spoon for some soup amd mos burger for milk tea. brought all the food back to the room to enjoy in the comfort of the luxurious room.

Night view of the harbour was even better then the day with the buildings nicely lit up, especially the explanade.. beautiful. never saw this from such a height. the last time we stayed at swissotel, i think we faced a different direction.
Our room package didn't come with breakfast so we had to settle breakfast somewhere else. it was only now that i know that cafe cartel actually serves breakfast and it's actually quite good. after breakfast, it was nuaing in the room and spa again.. before checking out and paying the bill.... hai .. that was a nice stay, but a hefty price to pay... it's quite fun doing this once in a while... next should be the trip to krabi with terry, yihan and kian... looking forward to that..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Swimming Instructor

Ripple has some friends acting in the play "the swimming instructor" and we went to watch it

It's staged at a place i never knew, somewhere along waterloo street, it's this place where there's a restaurant on the first storey and on the second storey, there's a place for staging plays and it can take around 100 audience. it's called the room upstairs, quite cool right?

Went to the food centre nearby for a super quick dinner because we were afriad we cannot find the place. bedok chuew kuey is always a good choice when you do not want to eat too much.. yumyum.. after that we walked the whole waterloo street looking for number 42... and we finally found it with this poster right at the gate.

We were early, and there was some time to look around to check out the place, take some photos, before going upstairs to choose a good seat for the play. didn't know what this play was about, but since i like watching live performances, and it's ripple's treat, why not right?

The story line seems a little cheem, a person who's unsure if he likes woman or man, and still doesn't know at the end of the story. very comical, and interesting.. and he gotta kiss the girl and also the guy.. and he does it everyday? .. wah!! pei fu pei fu...
Here's ripple with 2/3 of the cast.. jeremy and isabella (i was quite surprised when i waas told the play has only 3 people acting), and they all did a wonderful job.. bravo!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Working While Lunching

Since i was at site and it's so near libing's working place, so i jioed him for lunch .. ended up at this ulu shoping centre in jurong west, was it pioneer shopping centre? and had mac for lunch. and this important and busy man had to make a phonecall for work, even after we have got the food.
The phone call took so long that i was pratically eating alone.. talking about jioing people for lunch.. he took his phone out of mac to talk because oa a bunch on noisy kids beside us. i think i look like a xiao ding dong eating there alone .. in the end still have time to take photos of his food. he even brought his notebook(the hand written kind) so that he can remember what to talk about on the phone!..
Finally back, but still on the phone while he's starting to eat the super cold food... at least after that we still had some time for a chat.. lunch will until nearly 3pm .. his job not bad hor? haha

Oh and congratulations for getting fifth place at the international salsa dance competition in taiwan!! ..

Supposed to go mambo at night.. but lao beng didn't feel well in the end and it was cancelled. anyway, asked quite a few people but it seems that everyone feels that they are too old for this.. am i (oh and lao beng) the only ones left that hasn't grown up?