Monday, March 31, 2008

Salsa at Bikini Bar

Libing was appointed to run this event at sentosa every sat evening. xen bar will be conducting salsa classes free, for those who happen to be at bikini bar and coastes at siloso beach on saturdays. so last week, i went down with bangzhi to check it out.
Libing invited other friends too, according to him, he told quite a number of people but only a handful of us turned up, so if you are reading this, please bring some friends down to the bikini bar on sat to support our friend here!!
Actually, he has improved quite a lot in terms of his teaching skills, dun play play, he has been dancing every day and teaching every week you know!!

Since we were quite late, decided to have dinner at the bar itself, food was quite good, just a little expensive, 6 chicken wings for $16, and bangzhi had to shuttle between the dance floor and the table cos he wanted to learn as well as eat at the same time!!

Nearing the end of the session, he perspired so much that the dance partners had to try to siam his sticky and slimy shoulders, and according to him, the girls seems a little turned off by his sweat.. haha

Well done libing, and to the rest... remember to go support him if you can afford the time, bring all you friends along, he'll be happy to see you people there.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eddie's Married!!

Attending eddie's wedding with hanyang and yanping, time really flies, it seems just not too long ago that eddie got attached.. and now he's getting married!!

Here we have the groom, all happy about the day, about the wedding.. but as usual, he had to give us some comic relief, during his speech, which he read from a piece of paper.. he ended with "i would like to think everyone for coming down to the church...." ...ooppss he used the same speech as the one he did for the church ceremony... haha

One thing we noted is that when eddie and stella smile, eddie's eyes will become 2 tiny slits while stella's becomes round and big and watery.. how contrasting..
Even the groom had a change of attire...

Congratulations, baby soon???

Leon and BB Nat

It has been a long time .. i guess i'll just keep the photos of activities happening from cny till now in the hd first .. if i have time i'll back post them ... and i'll try to post updated stuffs... have been really busy with work and very lazy after getting home .. thus haven't been editing the photos..

Went to leon's place, after quite some time, and nat has grown quite a bit!! compare this to the last time i saw him!!

He's much more responsive now, and easily tickled.. but the most interesting part of this visit was to hear leon sing children songs, he even recorded it on vid!!