Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday Again

After all the rush with reno at kids mall.. it's finally sunday and i could sleep late. not long after i woke up, bingwei smsed me to lunch since he will be near my place. so i decided to go have a lazy lunch at warren golf & country club.the food was ok, not fantastic but the place was good, weather was not very warm , we stayed there for an hour plus for a chat over lunch..

In the afternoon, i went to fill up the petrol for my car and saw this dorayaki (if you do not know what it is, it's doraemon's favourite food) from japan selling at the cheers mart at mobil station. this was the exact one that libing bought from japan, so i got a packet of it to see if it's as good as the one he got. and yes, it quite good, totally love the red bean paste, reminds me of the trip we had to tokyo. the paste has got chunks of red bean in it, it's so unlike the usual tau sar we get in singapore. i bought dorayaki from carrefour before, and it's nothing compared to this! but i'm not sure if they sell this at all cheers, so far i've only seen it at the yew tee mobil and the one at bt timah, near second ave.
Mingbao called up late in the afternoon asking for 1 more kaki for mahjong.. wow, mahjong yesterday, mahjong today and mahjong tomorrow!! haha, we are all gambling addicts.. anyway, meili has requested for me to take photos of jiehong cos she wanted to see how have the little one grown, so here it is, jiehong in her 5th month. and it has been confirmed that he's going to be a boy!! mingbao must be super happy!! ok.. one more working day till the next break!! hurray!! looking forward to tomorrow's dinner!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Supper at Holland Village

Have always like holland village since sec school days..
If you still do not know, al dente trattoria at holland village sells their pizza for $10 after 10pm daily. if you are willing to spend a little more than usual. this is a good place for supper, ambience is fantastic. pizza size is good for 1 person, but if you just want something to bite, it's good to share too. the place was too dark to get any decent photos without flash.. so no photos of the food this time.

Anyway, chengguang called and wanted to go for a drink, so we went there since i haven;t had dinner. haven't met him for a long time and it's nice to know that he's doing well at work.. initially wanted to just have pizza and some drinks .. in the end, we had pizza, salad and een chocolate fondue. talking about slimming down ... sianz.. haha

Solar World

Thanks to xintian, i got to do a shoot at solarworld's company event, one at fullerton and one more the next day at night safari.. I must say that they hae a humourous ceo, who's able to joke on stage or off stage.. it was an enjoyable shoot, just that i wasn't satisfied with the photos i took... lots of room for improvement..

Friday, April 27, 2007

Final Touches

After a whole week of midnight madness at imm, the place is finally coming to shape6000 sq ft empty place..
lighting got in, ceiling painted white, partition walls errected, walls painted, laminate flooring, ceiling features, roller shutter, entrance facade, storage and display units, products display .. all this in less than 2 weeks!! .. dun you think it's really madness? haha
the place looks so different from when i saw it the first time, with all the vibrant colours in it, it feels as if there's life injected into the once dull and boring place.. now just some final touches before this shop opens for business on sat.. i predict that there will still have some items not ready yet, but business will start cos losing a weekend of business is losing a lot of money.. everything should be all in place by next weekend... remember to drop by and take a look when you are there!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Phantom of the Opera

After waiting almost half a year since we bought the tickets for the show, it's finally time to actually watch it. cruz has decided to bang seh us and sold his ticket to xintian because he watched it on the gala premiere night!!
So the crowded ended up to be me js rip xintian jan bangzhi and andie. I have lots of expectation of the show since i missed it the first time it came to singapore. the set was wonderful, everything looked so grand and beautiful from our seat, and yes our seats were damn good, it's really important to get tickets early. their voices were fantastic.. just totally impressed.. mesmerized.. one let down before the intermission was the chandalier scene, i thought it would be a dramatic crash ... hai .. but.. everything else was good.
Took us a long time to get this photo because many others were snatching to stand there for a picture like that .. and some took more shots that what a usual person would!! so we waited and waited, sacrifice our toilet break just to get this.And this .. the bang brothers are really natural posers .. if only the lighting was bright enuff, this photos would come out better ..

The show was good .. one of the best musicals i have seen... of course my fave is still les miserables.. wonder when they will come again..

Congrats Mr Law

Finally jl is getting his long awaited freedom, and we are getting back out long lost friend.. After months of anticipation , he has finally finished his praticum and we can finally have a good meal together.. and jt was able to get off work early!! so off we went for a super early dinner at kenny rogers even though it was known to have worms in their food.. after realising that nest d'lights at suntec has closed down.. went over to sakae to meet js after he knocked off from work.. j4 has come together again after such a long time..

Congratulation... enjoy your well deserved break.. but 3 months of break soo too long hor?.. come work part time in reno biz leh? mr wang might need a helper..

Monday, April 23, 2007

Colourful Works

Works continue at kids mall...
Items are starting to fall into place, owner wants to be able to open ship this thursday.. which is so impossible!! all we can so is rush all we can.. hopefully it will be ready by next week. with all the colourful items getting into place, the mood is really getting there, colourful life of a kid....

Current Project

It's 4am in the morning, i just got back from work, we are currently renovating a shop at imm. noisy work like drilling and hacking must be carried out after 10pm at night, so i was there with my workers to do out part for the owner to have his shop open as scheduledIf you are a frequent visitor of imm, you might have noticed this shop, it's kids mall! they sell children clothings, toys and daily products. and this new shop is so much bigger then the previous one, this one is nearly 6000 sq ft, that's like 4 times the size of my home!
As you can see, there's a lot more work to be done in order for the shop to start welcoming their customers!! .. i'm foreseeing many late nights for the next week!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy Day

Finally it's weekend again, although i had to work on a saturday, i went quite a few places today, meaning i paid quite a lot for parking today..anyway, as i was walking around chinatown, i saw this long queue of about 20 or more people, all waiting to get their yong tau hu. has anyone tried this? really so nice?Please let me know if this stall is really worth queueing for. cos it seems like a long wait.
Caught the show 200 pound beauty in the evening and i found the show better than i have expected, there's a very touching part in the show, you gotta watch it. i recommend this show.

After the show, went shopping, and had a bad encounter with a salesgirl when borong was buying a cap to hide his botak head from ns.

me: do you have a new cap for this design?...
sales: (rushed off to find, before i can continue)
me: cos this one on display seemed to be lop sided
borong: (laughed) she never hear you
sales: (scanned the new cap) is there anything else?
me: no, we just wanted to see the new cap cos the one on display is lopsided, is the new cap the same?
sales: (give black ah lian face) where? the cap is fine.
... cut the story short, anyway both caps are deformed...
me: see, there's a bluge on the cap (pointing at the cap on br's head)
sales: let me see... oh it's because your friend has no hair.
me: (take cap off br's head) look the bulge is still there.
sales: trust me, the cap is fine, it's his head, his hair will grow out one mah, after that you won't have this problem.
borong: (wanted to stop this arguement) ok, i'll take this one ...
me: (walk away)

I dun think i will buy with this kind of attitude from the sales person man. ok, after shopping was mahjong at yy's place.. cos her place had the automatic mahjong table!! woo hoo... the sad news, it broke down after the first shuffle!!!, so we played manual mahjong on an automatic table!
All the best to yy for her internship in beijing, i believe there'll still be chances to post more of her photos before she leaves. btw, this was the cap i was argueing about!! oh and if you realised, br slimmed down and got a nice tan!! ns not bad right, br?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

First Ever River Tour

Grandma from malaysia came singapore to stay, mum decided to bring her to have a tour around esplanade, cos she has only seen these 2 huge durians from tv programmes. as she couldn't really walk well, we had to find a place at esplanade for dinner, chinese food.. first thing that came to my mind was humble abode, but price is really too off budget.. so we had to settle for malan gourmet even though the whole restaurant only had 1 group of customers. true enough, the food was not worth it.
Went to the river front after dinner to check out of the river rides.. wow, they had quite a few salesman walking around asking people to take the rides, and from what i see, these people are doing a very good job, most of customers were there because of these sales people. we decided to take the bigger boat, with glass roof and aircon and cushion seats. didn't manage to get nice photos during the ride cos it was dark and the boat was moving. most photos came out a little blur.Anyway, here's the boat with "glass roof" haha .. they only have 2 small glass windows on the roof. and they have air con in the cabin be they dun switch it on.. like kena cheated.. but since grandma was happy enjoying the scenery, so we were alright with it.
Met a group of tourist from australia on board the boat, in fact the only customers on the boat were them and us, took a photo for them cos their point and shoot camera just could not capture the background with the automatic setting. i felt so like a tourist this night..

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Car

Zhentao finally got his new car after all the hoo haas about the coe. here's his new mazda, with no boot cos he can't park a car with boot. note the p plate, not that he just got his licence but he just want drivers around him to be careful of him, as he may be hazardous on the street. i have experienced his driving and i dun think he's dangerous on the roads, just a hog, he drives at 60km/h, no wonder he have to leave home at 6 for gym classes in the morningNew car, must buy 4D, i didn't have time to go place my bets today, lucky haven't open, can try again during the wekeends, anyone wanna chip in?

We met up for lunch at safra yishun, at this bistro called eatzi, i think it's by jack's place. food wasn't fantastic but it's a nice place for lunch by the pool side. Oh and this is how he normally look during work, this time he's with a scar on his chin, got it while shaving in the car... hahahaha, i kept laughing when he told me that!!

In just a few days, he has already decorated his car with all these sheeps, i have a feeling the number will increase as time passes.Here's a closeup, let me introduce them to all of you, from left to right we have hippy, milky, pinky, hei, ash, m and cocoa... did i get any of that wrong?
Enjoy driving around, try not to get lost too often!!.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Finally, we got to watch the play 251, it's a story about annabel chong, if you do not know who she is, go goole for it. i felt that cynthia lee was really good in the show, even though there are some parts of the show that i dun really understand. i seldom watch plays where we get to sit that close to the stage, so close that eleine could walk over to ripple to get her to caress the dildo! haha.. the parts where they portray singapore being a country that's constantantly seeking to be no 1 was interesting, and annabel chong added one more, created the world's biggest gang bang..
Here's the stage set and it's designed by none other than ripple sim. simple set in white, with a contrasting black background. simple and nice. btw all these stage and backstage photos were taken by ripple and the stage crew because the esplanade people refused to let me stay in the theatre after the show as i do not have a pass!!
Ripple and cynthia side be side.. haha, i couldn't help but think about the 251 poster, the original and the edited!! regret not printing a copy of the edited one to get it autographed by ripple

Went xin wang hk cafe at marina square for a supper and tea session, and it ended up to be a long chit chat session, main entertainers are jt and yy, they never fail to amuse, and they are even better as a pair!! maybe ripple can help pull some strings to get the 2 to act in some play, it will sure be a hit!!
Interesting photo that caught me when i was downloading them, set the shutter speed too long causing this (not intended), but felt that it looks quite interesting actually, the flash had frozen the look of a wonderfully happy expression! it would be nicer withthe the hand in the foreground.

Happy Birthday Andy

I was andy's birthday and he invited us for a celebration dinner at new york new york, it's a restaurant at citilink mall, i've been there twice and both times, the queue outside the restaurant was horribly long!! and both times, i was disappointed by the quality of the food they serve
It was a very short session for me cos i went there late and had to leave early because we were rushing to esplanade to watch 251 (story of annabel chong). I hope andy enjoyed the session and once again, happy birthday!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

No Date on a Friday Evening

It's friday the 13th, and it rained.. i realised that it rains on almost all friday the 13th. when i was in primary school, i'm always stuck in school on fridays the 13th because area around the whole school will be flooded... anyway, it's friday and i have no plans for the night, realised that jt too.. we decided not to be so lifeless so we met for dinner... at east coast park food centre, because i forgotten to take the photo of my favourite bbq pork noodles shop last week.

Just when i was thinking to myself that the day is almost ending with no bad things happening to me, i wasn't able to insert my cashcard properly into the iu as i was passing thru the erp gantry. "diiiiii...." and the red light blinked, and i think i saw a flash.. $10 gone, maybe i'll write an appeal letter.

Wanted to go support cruz for his charity event, but i was in berms and cruz didn't answer the phone when we were on the way there, so we just went to east coast directly and as usual.. the queue was long.. took us 20mins to get the noodles. (and it took me way longer than 20 mins to stitch the 4 photos into this one to show the queue)Took quite some photos but after vetting by jt, only the following are deemed fit to be seen by the public.
Mutton and chicken satay, mutton not fantastic, but chichen was good, you seldom get chicken satay that tender.
The famous bbq pork noodles... sedap...please go try it if you have not done so, it's definitely worth the wait, go with friends so that some can look for seats while the others some queue for the noodles..

After the chop chop dinner (1/2 hr including queueing) we proceeded to hk cafe at east coast road for some drinks ... and some snacks.. and both of us are thinking of losing weight.. hahaha

A wonderful start for the weekend.. tomorrow will be an exciting day.. watching 251!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Old Folks Club

Met bingwei libing and leon for lunch, and we had chicken rice at yong chye chicken rice.

This place is commonly known as the "old folk's club" (lao ren ju le bu) to us and to most who have studied in schools around that area. brings back lots of memories of secondary and jc life.. why this name? go there and you'll realise that the staffs there are all old folks, all hainanese (i think, becuase i cannot understand their dialect, but it seems like hainanese) i was quite shocked when i hear this in sec 1, not shocked because of the old folks but because a nickname like that can be given for this reason.

Used to have lunches here during our eca lunch breaks on sat and during the school holidays. before the new king's arcade was built, this was housed in a corner of an old building at the exact plot of land, so old that you will not feel like eating after seeing how dirty the kitchen was, but most good food comes from a kitchen like that..

Anyone tried the chicken rice and the zi char here? miss lao ren ju le bu and the good old times...

Monday, April 09, 2007

Belated Birthday Celebration

Delayed a few days before we got to meet up for weebeng's birthday, cos he has more important people to meet for the past few days... and he refuses to tell us more about it. there's still boonkiat melissa and junren who turned up, seems like weebeng is a very happy man!!We had dinner at east coast lagoon food centre, and i was so happy cos i found the bbq pork noodle that i used to love so much. i thought it was gone or have shifted after the renovation, until weebang told me there's a famous wanton noodle here. stall 45 for those who want to go try.
We went off to the coffee club at siglap for some drinks and chat after dinner and stayed there till near midnight, birthday boy had to leave before that for his next appointment, and bk went pubbing after that (pilots seem to have a colourful nightlife).. hhmm it seems as if i have no life, cos i went home after that..

Movie and Dinner

Met up with ripple js jackson and borong for a movie.
wanted to watch 'the number 23' since the first time i saw the trailer, cos it seems like an interesting show with a plot that makes you want to follow the show till the end. hhmmm somewhat not totally correct cos i fell asleep at the beginning of the show, probably cos i had little sleep the day before and i wasn't really following the story. but from the middle of the show when interesting plots are developing, i got more awake. loved the final twist where all the question marks the developed through the show fall into place. go watch, and make sure you have enuff sleep the night before. oh and i found out that borong and jackson are like me!! cannot take trilling and horror scenes...

Decided to have dinner at cafe cartel. yeh.. i can have my favourite chocolate milkshake.. you must try it.. it's the best chocolate milkshake i have tried. favourite strawberry milkshake is still at macdonalds though.

All these happened while the dj challenge by yes933 was carried out in the rain right outside the cafe, took a short glance and it seems boring.. cruz must be trying hard not to fall asleep there.. haha

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Birthday Cake for Busy Guy

I have gone through uni and i have seen many friends gone through their tertiary education, but i have not met anyone who pratically gives all his time (probably 20hrs a day) into studies, the other 4 hrs is for sleeping, until i met jl. after seeing this it really makes me not want to be a teaching, cos i dun thin i can dope with this kind of life.. haha

Anyway it's his bd, and admist his busy schedule, we found a time where i could pass him a cake.. and it's none other then then famous lana chocolate cake. for those who have not tried this, please find some chance to try it..I guessed birthday celebration for him will have to be delayed till his holidays, and hope that he will enjoy the cake in the meantime.. happy birthday jl

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spontaneous Lunch

Following the spontaneous series of dinner and breakfast, i had a spontaneous lunch today. saw jt online when i logged on in the morning and decided that we could meet for lunch since i will be near where he will be. so lunch was set and venue to be decided.He was thinking of going to the temple at waterloo street, so we decided to eat around there, i suddenly thought of victor's kitchen which has nice and cheap dim sum, so we ended up at sunshine plaza for our late lunch.
Food was good and we had a very fulfilling lunch and while waiting for food, took some stupid photos!! btw we also realised that green spot is actually a non carbonated drink, i never knew that, cos when you drink it, it feels fizzy.

Took this candid shot of jt while were were walking to sim lim, this is how he normally look, when he doesn't smile, compare with the one on top... jt, you should smile more often! ... smile, and the whole world smiles with you!