Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hannibal Rising

Mos burger had a new item in the menu, i think it's a seasonal item, the ankake salmon burger, so i went to try it before proceeding to the movies. Not bad, at least i would order it again if it's still available next time.

I went to watch hannibal rising with xingzan without knowing too much about the show except that gong li is acting in it. the show is not bad .. in fact quite good, but not my kind of show, cos it has got numerous killing scenes that got me all uncomfortable... but if you like this kind of movie .. you should go watch this. gong li acted well in the show, as usual.. we watched it at the shaw preview theare, it's actually in the premise of shaw's office in shaw centre itself.It's actually a small theatre that can take up to about 50 people with big and comfy arm chairs.. got the tickets from from funkygrad. they give out free movie tickets every now and then, go register an account there and start to try for the lucky draw, you might get a few free movie to watch..
So this is a movie i would recommend for you to go watch. but if you are like me, cannot take killing scenes, then you might want to give it a miss.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Yusheng Yusheng Shake Shake Shake

Went mingbao and jiehong's place for a lao yusheng session on cny day 8.. haha my 6th yusheng.We tabao a small packet of yusheng and it comes with a nice box, so to make sure we dun waste the yusheng and also not to dirty the place, we decided to seal the box up and shake it instead of lao-ing it.. everyone had a chance in shaking the box!! so the harder you shake, the more you will huat!! chongwei was back for a while from shanghai and he joined us for the session... his first appearance on my blog.. Now our yusheng is throughly shaken and ready to be eaten..After yusheng, it's mahjong... what's new... and i lost(i guessed everyone else shook the yusheng box harder than me) ... hai!!

Chingay 2007

Lots of wonderful photos from changay 2007 (parade of dreams), the long wait from 7pm to 8:30 pm was totally worth it... Went there with libing, js and ripple. lb had to leave early, so the only thing he saw was prsident nathan boarding the main float. the float will travel from meridian hotel down orchard road to the first section at orchard mrt and performers will move from there back to where we were stationed! we waited more than an hour for the performers to arrive. we got p passes to sit at the area along the road right beside the performances, with compliments from ripple, it was some time later that i realise that p stands for performers!! haha
My first time at chingay and i'm sure i will want to go for it again!! such a colourful event with lots of people for you to shoot at close distance.. So i guess this posting should be with less words and more photos... here they are

This is my favourite for the day!

More Yusheng

This cny i have been having lots of yusheng, as of the previous post, i already had 3...
On cny day 5, the cashflow challenge organising team met up for a post event dinner at siglap and we had yusheng again, but i was very late due to work and they set aside a small plate for me...i wonder if there's any fish inside.
On cny day 6, i attended a lunch session by sfic(singapore furniture industry council) at grand copthorne waterfront hotel, and it's yusheng again. this is the best yusheng i had till date. the plate was big, they had lot's of fish in it, they game us very long chopsticks so that we will not get our hands all dirty.. wow, having yusheng in a hotel is really different. (photo taken with my phone, cos it seems funny to bring out an slr at an event like that)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

CNY Day 4

A very busy day, went to office this morning to start work.. settled some stuffs so work can start for the workers, and then it was wakeboarding time!!
The last time i wakeboarded was quite some time ago. this time i went with terry and tracy, but it was not a good session, because the water was really choppy and i didn't know how i got this cut on my right sole... but after riding with this instructor (terry goh) for a few sessions, i feel that he's really a good teacher, especially for beginners, i brought a few new friends and he never fail to get them all standing on the board during the first session! if you want his contact, can get it from me.Although she might complain that her hair is messy, i quite like this photo.

More visiting after wakeboarding, went to duke chiu's place, and right after the oranges exchange, it was ban lak... all the way until we leave the place ... luckily i won a little... terry wasn't so lucky though, i hope he will have more luck in his future games.

Bookoh and siying are in singapore for a week and we met up for dinner with a few other nus band guys at modestos @ vivo city. the food was quite good i gotta say. most of the pizzas and pastas are worth a try. dunno when we will see the 2 of them again, and i dunno when i will get to visit them in shanghai.
Fufilling dinner... to be followed by a gathering at mingbao's place, hhmmm i think in all my previous posts with photos at mingbao's place, there's none which we were not playing mahjong!!and this time is no exception. at 3am in the morning, we have our big winner.... jiemin!!

CNY Day 3

So fast, it's the third day already, went over to js' place for gambling ... yes again .. gamble everyday... if this continue, someone please call the anti gambling hotline for me .. haha .. we played texas hold'em. only learnt this game this festive season and it seems quite fun so far .. thanks to libing for teaching me the game, i'm going around teaching everyone i meet.
Dinner was with leng regina lawrence and joey at crystal jade cos we wanted to lao yu sheng. 3rd one for this year!! food was quite good there, crystal jade's food has been maintaining it's standard since we started eating it around 10 yrs ago.. not bad..Can you see the table behind us? there're slightly ahead of us, ther have started the lao-ing... after dinner...... texas hold'em again .. this time at regina's place.. haha ... end of the cny holidays!! for some ...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CNY Day 2

Haha ... sleep until 11am!! went to watch a movie with terry in the afternoon at lot 1, and i dun think i will go there again, the seats really suck. oh and it's really crowded, i think everyone seemed to be very eng during cny and the only thing that can do around the neighbourhood is watch movie. the show is quite good though, we watch the protege, gotta find some time to watch the local production on civil servants too, i think that will be funny.
It was gathering at my place in the evening, although many people couldn't make it, we still had a good time with the rest who can come for it. my second yu sheng for this year, lets see how many i will have for this yearSteamboat was very good as usual, because i prepared it .. hahaha super thick skin...
After the food it was time for out huat huat huat mahjong competition.. zhentao brought his wooly for luck and it really gave him lots of it.. not only he won the huat huat huat challenge, he even won our money at the real mahjong game after that!!

CNY Day 1

Day 1 was very different from previous years. due to the departure of ah gong in november, out family are not allowed to go bai nian this cny... hhmm which is a good thing to me, i slept until 12pm.. super shoik.. usually in the evening on day 1, we will have to go to my grandma's (mum's mum) place in malaysia and will only be back on day 2. this year i'm free!! so we went to mingbao and jiehong's place for another mahjong session!! i made the ever popular baked potato dish that everyone likes. i'm sure meili will miss this, but she's coming back soon enough to try this again.
And the winner for mahjong? bingwei, winning a prize of 1 billion yen from our main sponsor, mr sim libin...

It was time for a newly learnt game called texas hold'em after mahjong. If you have watched casino royale, it's the game that james bond played in the movie. so everyone, it;s time to show the money!! everyone took out our cash for this game and also not forgetting the every popular ban luck.
There's always winners and losers after every game, we have to accept the fact of losing and then come back later for another round some other days!!
Note: this photo is posed. their expressions are indirectly propotional to the amount of money they have won (or lost)

New Year's Eve

It's new year's eve again, this year my relatives gathered at my place for steamboat and as usual there's always some games after dinner.. usually it's cards but this year we started mahjong
I've heard a lot from my mum and aunties and uncles about my dad being a very good mahjong player and he played so much in his younger days that he didn't even complete his secondary education.. haha .. but i have never seen him on a mahjong table in my life, until today .... wah .. i can see that he's a little rusty already, he can mistake the 1 bamboo for a flower!! .. maybe 1 bamboo doesn't look like that in the past.
When i was young, our place was like a private mahjong house, neighbours will come and play mahjong and then will pay kopi money to my ah ma... probably that's why all my uncles are all mahjong experts .. but i wonder why they all stopped playing ... tui chu jiang hu? ... anyway .. happy new year to everyone!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Relaxing and Lazy Afternoon

It the start of my chinese new year break. met up with terry at corduroy & finch for a nice afternoon tea and chat. the place is fantastic, serene, wonderful ambience. we actually stayed there for 3 hours... mostly chatting.. haha
I have liked this place since the first time i stepped in here around 2 yrs ago (hhmm dun really remember if it was that long ago. but time have been passing very quickly these few years). wasn't impressed by the food here but the ambience itself and the settings have attracted me to come back again and again. food is quite expensive over here, so i usully pop by or some dinks in the afternoon or at night .. must go must go... you won't regret . i wrote more about this place on my food blog.
They even have such an inovative idea for the washroom, to use a shower head a tap for washing of hands, cool right! one week of holiday.. yeh.. already planning events to keep myself occipied for this festive season!!just hoping that i won't put on weight after the holiday

Year End Lunch

It was the last day of work and we went for a company year end lunch at crown village restaurant. it's at canberra road, in ns home team club house, somewhere near out factory.
My first yu sheng for this new year!! already starting to eat yu sheng even when the new year is not here yet.. remember the old times when we have to wait till 7th day of new year to get yu sheng.
Oh yes, this is my whole company.. really small. will there be a day where we will need to book a whole restaurant for year end meal? is it up to me? ... stressed.. haha ...

Ah Gong's New Home

It has been nearly 100 days since my ah gong passed away. the tombstone has been erected and it's the first time i got to visit this new home for ah gong at the lim chu kang cemetry.
We went there for a prayer ceremony for 100 days and realised that it was a little cramp there, no choice since singapore has got limited land. but luckily we got the unit at the side. just like the side unit of a row of terrace houses. so there was some space at the side for us. there was also large trees by the road giving shade to the tomb. talking about improving technology, look at my ah gong's photo on the tombstone.. it was photoshopped!! he's wearing a jacket with a tie, he has never wore something like that before, it was edited ... he looks smart in that i must say.

Meili Do Us Proud

Meili has left singapore to seek for more knowledge in brisbane, although it might only be 8 months, life will not be the same without her...We will all miss you meili!! all the best for your studies and we will be waiting for you to come back with your good results!! .. do us proud!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Supper at Void Deck Again

As i was about to leave home, i was quite affected or rathered disturbed by some personal issues that i actually forgotten to bring my camera out! i wonder when was the last time my camera wasn't by my side. so photos for this posting was taken from the mediocre camera on my handphone.

Anyway, condolences to risa kaiming weiyang joe trina and eileen for the loss of their grandpa, got the news this afternoon. Many of our grandparents couldn't pull through this new year. this is like the 3rd wake i attended since 2007 started. oh and again we had supper at the wake, this time round it was the ever famous macdonalds.
It's quite rare that i actually know so many of the family members at any wake, it's usually the case of knowing 1 person of the family, but i guess their family is so close that by knowing one of them, you'll soon get to know the rest of the cousins..

It's valentine's day, and friendship day... so here's wishing everyone out that a wonderful day ahead....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Red Hair for New Year

Chinese new year... new clothes, new hair style... terry got his hair coloured for the first time in his life!! and he chose red to fit the occasion. too bad the violet strips have faded... lak sek .. hahaThis was taken at margaret drive food centre, went there to try our luck for the western food. cos it's always closed, dunno why, guess it's my lucky day.. even won mahjong after dinner but ... kena summon for not putting enuff coupons ... sianzzz...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Pineapple Tarts

It's chinese new year again, all the goodie foodstuffs are coming in. my favourtie are pineapple tarts and bah kwa!! ... my first pineapple tarts for this year are these.Absolutely delicious i must say, i finished the whole tub in just 2 days... where to buy these? ... soory, unavailable, they are made by libing's mum!! libing...when can we go your place? make sure there are still tarts available leh...haha

Haven't started on the bah kwa yet, i know that if i start, i will not stop!! so better start later. cruz has been recommending a stall from amk, i guess i'll drop by one of these days to get some. my personal favourite from past few years is the one from my old place in farrer road.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Monster Money Plant

Dad and mum love to cultivate some plants and flowers at the corridor, everyday you'll see them watering and caring for the little plants. and there's this small little pot of money plant always in a corner . nothing special nothing interesting..... until ....
It started to grow out of the put and it's roots crept along the corridor and started to crawl up the wall, leaves started growing along it's track and the leaves started bevcoming bigger and bigger. now it has almost climbed to the ceiling!!
You should see how big the leaves are! i couldn't even recognise it as a money plant!! i have a monster money plant at home! will it bring me monsterous money luck during cninese new year? huat ah!! huat ah!!

After 2, 3 x 3 Play

Went to an exhibition of inovative furniture design cos yanling has an exhibit there.

She designed and made this prototype some time ago and finally it's out of the store room and has it's chance to see the world. in just a few days, it was sold!! wow.. i guess we have a philip starke in the making right? will be looking out for more wonderful works by this talented designer..