Monday, December 24, 2007

SIM Bash

Sim held a bash at zouk, and bangzhi got tickets for us cos he was performing at the event.Saw bangzhi and the dancers at the entrance, preparing to go on stage to show what they have for us!! if i'm not wrong, they are all students at sim, and this is sim's own dance team...
Performance was great, full of energy and power.. we stayed throughout and watched the pageant, i left after the event while chiver, yutong and bangjie stayed on to club..
While i was about to leave, this girl came up to bangzhi and said she was from strait times, urban section, and wanted to interview him, cos they are featuring 1 hot guy and 1 hot gal every week.. and she finds bangzhi hot enough to get on the papers... embarassing part came when she asked him where he got the clothes and how much they were.. and he had to answer.. "they all belong to my brother."..

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yutong's Birthday

Was busy at work, so couldn't join yutong chiver bangzhi and bangjun for ice skating at the new skating ring in kallang. met up with them later in the evening for dinner at old airport road.
Food was generally good, and so was the company.

Happy birthday yutong!!

Terminal 3

Yihan went on a trip to new zealand, so me and terry went to the airport to meet him for dinner before he leaves for his holiday, of course we had popeye's, even though the queue is very long... but it's worth the wait, they should expand their counter size.

Before leaving the airport, we took the chance to walk around the new terminal 3, i was really impressed by the glass baricades... the glass panels were really huge, i cannot imagine how they were brought into the building, must have be installed even before the exterior walls were up.. personally i like the use of glass in interior decor, terminal 3 is just fantastic, it really removes the usually structure where transit area is hidden away from the public area, with these glass walls, you can actualy feel yourself in the transit area. I wonder if the boarding experience is different from this terminal, hhmmm when will i have a chance to find out?

I wonder if this weighing mahine is well calibrated.. if it is, then i have to do something about the one i have at home.. cos when i stood onto this one, my weight was 2kg more that that of the one i had at home!!! i have been deceived for the past few years.. it's time to slim down!!.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Gals

Had an early chirstmas and birthday clebration for regina and joey cos zhiyi had to leave for the states for company training for many months... didn't bring the slr this time.. photos are all taken from the new a570is .. i find this camera takes quite nice macro shots.. but photos at low lit place turns out very grainy..
Birthday girls with their bd present.... they must be very happy... dinner was at spizza club street, the pizzas were so good that i started eating without taking photos.. so review will have to come another time when i go there again.
After hearing about this lychee martini cake from jt and js, i decided to order one to try.. love the lychee taste, but the cream felt very oily, they should think about using fresh cream instead..
Christmas presents from regina... playmobil... it has been so long since i played with playmobil and lego.. the figurines are really cute.. i got the magician. after dinner we proceeded to sing at this new karaoke place near bugis junction. the room setup very similar to the one we see in taiwan...
And these 2 cannot bear to be apart for so many months.... they had to treasure all the time they have left before zhiyi flys off for training.. hahahaha

Friday, December 14, 2007

Blu Jaz

Met up with kaisi hansen and frederick at this nice diner called blu jaz at arab street area, it has been a while since i met them. supposed to meet fred for his bd.. until he got angry that he has to organise his own bd celebration and called it off totally... food was quite good and the price was quite reasonably, the place was quite dark ,so i didn't take photos of then food, and thus no food reviews on the place.
Had to brighten up the photos a little so that the faces could be seen, any more would make the photos very grainy... sorry if you had to strain your eyes to see the people in the photos.. flin joined us later in the evening, and i realised that i was quite outdated in terms of their lives.. hansen is busy building this huge bridge across henderson road, fred busy with fyp, flin busy with his numerous business plans, and kaisi busy flying around... flin has got a new bike and hansen & kaisi got a new sports car!! hhmm when can i change my car??

Nat Has Grown

Nathaniel is one month old... natma doesn't need to take confinement food anymore.. but it also means no more confinement lady and natma and natpa will be really busy
Throughout the whole evening, nat was quite wide awake.. and i even got my hands on him.. carried him for a while!! even though it was just for a while, it was really tiring.. cannot imagine how it's like for natma and natpa..

Nat has been a good boy for most of the evening, didn't make much noise, and at the later part of the evening he decided that he should rest early, and that's when we left..

Like this photo.. even at a tender age of 1 month, he has learned to wink!!! haha cute right? .

If you wanna see more of his photos from the 1st month celebration, can check it out at nat's personal blog, or natma's blog, or shutterbug's.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wonderful Dinner, Disappointing Dessert

Met up with the gdis gang for dinner, and since nuanda highly recommended this jap rest in cuppage plaza, we decided to make reservation and give it a try. the place was a little small but cosy, food was absolutely fantastic.. check out the photo here. (click for a larger version)This place is called kazu sumiyaki, more detailed reviews on the individual dishes on justximplyfood.

We were there from 8pm till very late, i thnk it was 10 plus, and we had to top it up with a nice round of dessert, they have very good dessert too, we only tried the grilled mochi. i highly recommend this place to those who are reading this.

Price wise.. haha.. here's the bill for 5 person.. very seldom do you see someone holding up a bill so happily when the price is that high, but this time, the food was totally worth it.

After leaving the place, we decided to go holland village for some drinks. can saw this place that sells ice cream called cold rock. the idea is good for mixing up ice cream and crunches, but their ice cream cannot make it, only slightly better then the tub ones from magnolia and kings you get in supermarket. so we ended up sitting at haagen dazs for more ice cream..

Saturday, December 08, 2007

One More Baby

Dorina is back in singapore and we met up with the rest for s simple dinner at pu tien restaurant at kitchener road. and she's nearly 3 months pregnant, ok this is not new but i haven't wrote about it, so here's one more baby coming soon after little jerard and little nat.. jerard has been too busy to update his blog, so we can see that the last entry was quite some time ago, little nathaniel seems more regular in terms of blog updates right?.

Dongshu is back in singapore too, haven't seen him for quite a while, not that he's going to be based in sg, i guess we'll have more chance to meet up..

Food was quite good, at least for most of the dishes, dun really like the noodle and the bee hoon though. Food review here

Proceeded to island creamery for dessert cos pu tien ran out of yam paste and all other desserts they have are not to our liking.
I realised that the people in the front are quite blur, i need to improve on my skills when it comes to setting apperture size ..

Monday, December 03, 2007

Leaving for Turkey

Cruz was leaving for turkey, he was tasked to lead a group for a tour in turkey by chan brothers.. it was his first time taking up such a task, totally not knowing what to expect, but i think it's a fun job, get paid to travel man!! he was so busy that the only time he's available to meet was at the airport for dinner before he flies... dinner was settled at crystal jade at t2 together with jan and ryan. super bad experience, expensive and totally not nice, coffee shop tze char stalls have nicer food!! details here..
Went over to t1 cos we weren't satisfied with dinner and wanted to have some popeye's butter milk biscuit, and got turned off by the horrendously long queue. though of having ice cream at swensons, and found out that swenson is no longer at t1...
Had to settle for some fruits at the food court, this small cup of fruits costs $5, wow!! but it's the most attractive dessert we can find at t1. now cruz should be halfway through the trip and he has been blogging quite constantly from turkey. check it out at his blog.

Also, we gotta congratulate him for clinching most popular 933 dj award at sra 2007 3rd year in a row!! clap clap..let's hope he's enjoying himself at turkey right now!!

On a seperate note, just knew that jan's an agent for suzuki, so if anyone is thinking of getting a suzuki, can contact her, see if she can give you good price.. then must tell her i reccommend one so that i can ask her for referral commission.. hahaha, she just got herself an sx4 sedan, interior quite chio, almost like a bmw with the orange displays.