Friday, December 18, 2009

MJC 2009

It the time of the year again for christmas celebration, and of course not forgetting mjc, many years in the running and still going on, thanks to js and rs for their hard work in organising it.Even though it seems like we always have different people joining the competition and celebration every year, it's still a very fun and entertaining evening.
And, i had to try out the hd video recording function of the new cam... so here's a clip of the "guess the right drink" game. this short clip took 2 hrs to be uploaded to youtube!!! you have to click on it and watch it over at youtube's page to see it is full hd (remember to click on the small hd button at the bottom right of the vid that says "watch in hd"), see it in full screen mode.

Defending champion was unable to keep his throne and the newly crowned mjc champion is kelvin!! lets hope that he will be back next year to defend his title, finalist below, from 3rd runner up to champion.
How can we forget zt's birthday!! finally joined the 30's club, with 30 neatly placed candles on the cake, some of them inextinguishable, leaving the cake cover with his saliva!!
Once again, thank you jsrs for another well organised event!!! looking forward for more in the future!! of course the one big even next month!! is definitely going to be an exciting one

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New Toy

Need to clear up some space in the dry box. the old cassette tapes and md will go into the rubbish bin instead

Space is needed for these

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Queen

Went down to vivo for a simple birthday celebration for meili with sufang chunguan jiehong and bingwei..

The queen and mangosteen... very impressive setup... good view during the evening
The beer was good.. happy hour from 6 to 8 ... food was quite disappointing though... only the mini burger was nice.. the fish and chips dun seem fresh, the sausage was very tough, this special drink they have called pimm's lemonade was far from impressive... we even had to ask if it contains alcohol... apparently it does, but we couldn't taste it
Adjourn to adam road hawker centre for sting ray and dessert....

Happy birthday meili!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Switched to the other side

Visited the current it show....
Walked around a little....
Took some brochures....
Got some numbers....
Thought about it a little....
Pls welcome me to the club....
My first apple product....

Friday, January 30, 2009

Chinese New Year

Yes yes... it has been a long while since i posted anything here... a little lazy to edit the photos... i shall try, i shall try... Reunion dinner this year was slightly different from the usual steamboat... we still have steamboat, but this year decided to add on a hot plate.. and gosh, food cooked on the hotplate taste much better then boiled in the steamboat!!

Butter and garlic taste filled the place, scallops are not as bland anymore, pork liver taste better a little charred, even portebello mushroom taste nicer with the bit of butter coated over it.. and overall we ate more this year... and sakae yusheng seemed to have dropped in standard.. not as nice anymore