Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Moontern 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts... a little lazy to edit photos... i'll try to back post.. now.. this is from the day of the moontern celebration during mid autumn quite a while ago.

3rd year in a row we are having this event, although participants varies quite a bit, but the fun is definitely still there. lots of games, laughter, new friends, mooncakes etc etc...

Most interesting game, slurp the chinchow, i almost vomit eating the chin chow.. i wonder how the winning team actually finishes the whole big chunk.

Lantern is a must have.. and of course the yearly tradition of burning up lanterns.. haha

A big thank you to js and rs for planning the wonderful event..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Sept Babies

Bw and the rest have been talking about this jap restaurant called minoru at hong leong garden. finally got a chance to go try the food there with them. loved the place, nicely tucked in a corner, away from the crowds in town. food was not bad. more on the food on justximplyfood...
Small restaurant but cozy, nice food nice company, nice chat, nice catchup!!

Proceeded to mb and jh's place for mahjong and cake cutting!!

Happy Birthday to bw and jx!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Making of Cactus (Part 1)

In march, kevin approached me to discuss on this project. and i saw the artist impression of the shop... it was impressive.. and he ask if i was interested to take it up to create it from paper to something we can see and touch. from then, we cracked out brains on the materials to use, how to build such a massive structures, how to have it flexible enough for changes in the display area etc etc.

Work started in june, from a bare shop, got the electrical wirings up, the air conditioning, the flooring, the roller shutter etc. (Click any of the photos to see a larger version)
Next, it was all the carpentry work to be done at the workshop, massive structures were built up, first it was the display shelves, took up a huge part of my workshop, but looks really nice with all the symmetrical boxy shelves..
The arches at the top of the display section is quite a headache too, had to have it sitting on the display cabinet but not topple over and we need to hide the existing roller shutters in it. actually i find the skeletal frames of arches looking very nice, even before the laminates are up.
Many sleepless nights installing at the shop, can be quite stuffy when they switch off the air con after 10pm.
Wasn't too long when the display section on the 2 sides of the shop was done up, next up will be the lights, the suspended ceiling feature and the runway.

New Members of the 30's Club

Busy saturday, first it was leon's surprise birthday celebration at bishan.. but when he arrived, he dun seemed surprised leh.. perhaps we need to have like 30 guests in order for him to be shocked.... the birthday cake looks cool... 16 individual cupcakes with liverpool as the theme... yv went thru quite a bit to get it done up like that... i heard we nearly got blue coloured ones..

Birthday boy .. erm.. ok birthday uncle and the cute little nat nat... he's eyes seems bigger and rounder each time i visit him. i stayed for a while, had a glass of champagne, some snacks, a cupcake and then i had to rush down to labrador park for another celebration....

Next stop, the moon ladder cafe at labrador park, if you didn't drive, it would be a problem getting out of this place. cafe was cool, very spacious, huge seats nice cushion, just pray that it doesn't rain.Js' big 30 too, pre celebration as he won't be in sg on his bd. entertainer for the evening, kitty. sat for a while, had a drink, some games, some snacks.. and then we moved on for the next activity... mahjong...
A nice pool with a platform and glass shelter where you can hold small functions, like solemnisations, seems really cool.
End of the day... lost mahjong to rs zt and br... sianzzzz.. haha

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It has been a busy month of june. was occipied with a project at marina square, numerous sleepless nights at the shopping centre and after a month of work and many months of planning and discussion, project cactus was completed.

Kevin got me to do up this shop which he and a few of his friends took up, it's a shop where they will rent out the box spaces for anyone who's interested to sell small items. instead of me explaining the concept, maybe you should visit their official site. so when you are at marina sq, remember to drop by cactus @ #03-367 to take a look. i will be posting the process of the renovation soon.. haha

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fastest Crawler

Jerard had won his first competition!! mb and jh must be really proud.Click on the image for a larger version (it's in today's new paper). it's a little weird to see jh being addressed as madam zoe choo... congrats jerard!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

SoShiok Gourmet Safari

jsrs was telling me that i should be participating in the contest on since i blog about food so often, so i decided to try my luck and posted a few entries there.. not long after, i received an email to too me that i have won a gourmet safari treat.. seldom win in contests and this was quite a shock to me!! so got along ripple jim and lawry and we went for a sumptuous lunch, after looking at the menu from the email, we decided to skip breakfast so that we have enough stomach space for all the food We ate from 130pm all the way till 4pm!! can you believe it!! check out the food on justximplyfood. it was a satisfying lunch. i wonder if there will be more of such treats coming!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Simple Birthday Celebration

Time seems to pass really fast this year (oops i realised that i wrote that last year too) .. it seems just not too long ago that we went for dinner for bangzhi's birthday.. and it's his birthday again...Goldie arranged for a dinner with the birthday boy together with sr cg and kel.. had a nice meal at mof after the long queue and waiting for latecomers.. and i'm guilty for being one, although i'm not the latest.. haha

Happy birthday bz.. and all the best for your upcoming exams!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Phone for Sale

Chiver has a brand new phone he would like to sell at $450..

Sony erricson w910i (hearty red) click here to read more about this model

Let me know if you are interested, then you can contact him to get it from him...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Most Kissable Guy

Girls and ladies reading this.. do take some time to cast a vote for stanley toh!!

Here's stanley's clip

This voting this open to the guys and girls... but only girls will win the date with mr kissable.. can vote here

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tomb Sweeping

A very tiring sunday, woke up at 5am, washed up and left home at 5:20am to uncle's place (rendezvous point) to meet other family members and set off in dad's pick up to our first location, the choa chu kang cemetery. 6am traffic jam, road marshals everywhere, roads converted to one way... paid respect to grandpa and his mum there.Next stop, bright hill temple. grandma and her mum's ashes were place there. another long traffic jam, super crowded, warm, scorching sun.Next up, mt pleasant, this is the real challenge, bash through thick vegetation, search for tomb, siam all the creepy crawlies, found them after a while, cleared up the year's worth of growth over the tomb, lucky there was no fallen tree.Last location nearby, took a long time to find the tomb cos it was totally covered by growth, dad remembered the location and found the tombstone after searching under the vegetation.On the way back home, sudden downpour, totally drenched at the back of the uncovered pickup, umbrella was useless... totally shack out at at 3pm..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Leng

Time flies... it seems not too long ago that we had leng's bd celebration at vivo, this year, it's at vivo again, dinner at bosses, a restaurant that i have always wanted to try, cos there were many varying reviews about the food there. more reviews about the food on justximplyfood.We got a table at the side and the wallpaper there was really nice, makes a great backdrop for phototaking. the lights they have there also creates a nice warm ambience.Took quite some photos as usual, all came out nicely with the wonderful backdrop!
Nice cake, nice company, and as usual, jokes all round the table, this time it's about this new prc friend we have called zaina... and she loves the cucumber lemon tea at the bosses restaurant..

Monday, March 31, 2008

Salsa at Bikini Bar

Libing was appointed to run this event at sentosa every sat evening. xen bar will be conducting salsa classes free, for those who happen to be at bikini bar and coastes at siloso beach on saturdays. so last week, i went down with bangzhi to check it out.
Libing invited other friends too, according to him, he told quite a number of people but only a handful of us turned up, so if you are reading this, please bring some friends down to the bikini bar on sat to support our friend here!!
Actually, he has improved quite a lot in terms of his teaching skills, dun play play, he has been dancing every day and teaching every week you know!!

Since we were quite late, decided to have dinner at the bar itself, food was quite good, just a little expensive, 6 chicken wings for $16, and bangzhi had to shuttle between the dance floor and the table cos he wanted to learn as well as eat at the same time!!

Nearing the end of the session, he perspired so much that the dance partners had to try to siam his sticky and slimy shoulders, and according to him, the girls seems a little turned off by his sweat.. haha

Well done libing, and to the rest... remember to go support him if you can afford the time, bring all you friends along, he'll be happy to see you people there.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eddie's Married!!

Attending eddie's wedding with hanyang and yanping, time really flies, it seems just not too long ago that eddie got attached.. and now he's getting married!!

Here we have the groom, all happy about the day, about the wedding.. but as usual, he had to give us some comic relief, during his speech, which he read from a piece of paper.. he ended with "i would like to think everyone for coming down to the church...." ...ooppss he used the same speech as the one he did for the church ceremony... haha

One thing we noted is that when eddie and stella smile, eddie's eyes will become 2 tiny slits while stella's becomes round and big and watery.. how contrasting..
Even the groom had a change of attire...

Congratulations, baby soon???

Leon and BB Nat

It has been a long time .. i guess i'll just keep the photos of activities happening from cny till now in the hd first .. if i have time i'll back post them ... and i'll try to post updated stuffs... have been really busy with work and very lazy after getting home .. thus haven't been editing the photos..

Went to leon's place, after quite some time, and nat has grown quite a bit!! compare this to the last time i saw him!!

He's much more responsive now, and easily tickled.. but the most interesting part of this visit was to hear leon sing children songs, he even recorded it on vid!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Gifts from Japan

Met up with lawrence leng and regina . lawr and leng just got back from japan and got me more hard rock drumsticks.. heh heh!! Had dinner at this ramen place in central called marutama, not difficult to find, it has a basketball look alike logo, not a big place, food is quite expensive with little variety but it's really good.
Spent some time sitting around at starbucks before i had to rush off for another appointment!!!
Really outdated entry.. have been too busy with work, will try to finish up all post to get it more updated these few days

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Flowers for Valentine's Day

Click on the image fora larger version. If you are going to get flowers for your loved ones.. get it from terry k??

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Year Party

Got as sms just a day or 2 before new year from cruz to inform of the new year day party which will be held on 1 jan 2008 at 2:30 am!! got a shock when i saw the timing.. he even did a nice invitation banner ... check it out here. Still has a theme to follow!! how to dress like an 881 character?? in the end i think and think, i decided to go as an audience watching a ge tai performance, and i see that i;m not that only one dressed like that!!

Had some party games like pictionary and charade, and most of it as in hokkien to suit the theme.. lots of prizes and goodies too!! everyone was wide awake even though the party started only at around 330am. and people were still arriving after that!

Even though he didn't win the best dress competition, i still think zt did the best, cos he really took reference from the show and came in almost exactly what liu ling ling wore in the show, just that he doesn't have her size!! even got a measuring tape!!!

The nominees for best dress ... and another thing i noted is that cruz's mum looks damn young man!!! you have a hot mum!!!