Saturday, September 30, 2006

Japanese Ala Carte Buffet

This session had been postponed for 3 times, we were supposed to go for a jap buffet 4 weeks ago, but something cropped up every week, and we had to postpone it again and again... finally, me bangzhi terry kelly and yihan got a chance to go try it out yesterday afternoon.
It was hanabi japanese restaurant at bt timah road in a building called king's arcade, it right beside coronation plaza. The place is quite well decorated and for a price of $30 (after all the ++s) for ala carte jap buffet lunch, i think it's very reasonable and after trying the food, i feel that it's quite worth it.

Dun you think their food looks good (i only had these because they stopoped me from taking photos)!!?? it also taste good... if you are looking for a place for jap buffet, go try out this place .. might need to make reservation, you can call them at 64655525. Had a very satisfied lunch yesterday, summore bangzhi treated me .. yeah!!

Wonderful Weekend (Part 7)

As the story continues ... if you haven't read part 6 pls do so before continuing.
So we went back to my place for the mahjong game, it was funny when i opened the door cos it was pitch black, and i actually dropped ripple and jason to go back home to prepare the table while i went to park the car with bangzhi. Suddenly i heard lots of people singing the birthday song and they started coming out from various rooms at my place!!!! IT WAS A TOTAL SHOCK TO ME!!!! After i recovered from the shock, i realised that they had decorated by place with balloons! ... wah... very yong xin right!!?? and then i also found out that it was bangzhi and terry who planned this and they even pakat with dawei (my brother)

And here i had my 4th cake!! ... a swenson ice cream cake which was half melted.. and after asking about the melted cake, they told me it was because of miscommunication, they kept thinking that i was arriving , so they took the cake out of the fridge and waited and waited... till the cake melted ...haha...
SO again, i was ask to do stupid stuffs ... like lie on the floor ... look at the next photo, dun you think ripple look absolutely happy and satisfied .... guess what's she doing
I was lying on the floor and she just came over and STOOD on me!!!! wah piang!! .. and it started another one with the rest of the guys!!!
YES ... i was at the bottom of this pile of people!! .. i never knew it was so unbearable at the bottom of the pile, i couldn't even breathe properly, it felt as if all my blood had been channeled to my head and it was going to explode!! (the colour of this photo looks very old hor?)

Finally when everything was over, we went for dinner at macdonalds!!

And since jason was already there at my place, we wanted to play mahjong and he agreeded to play for a while. Here he is with his "God of Gamblers" pose! haha

There was also another xi ke... zhentao, who agreeded to play even though he had to work early next day morning!! cos it was my birthday, so all give me face ... but in the end ... all win my money...hai...

This marks the end of the wonderful weekend that i had!! ... wow it took me weeks to get everything onto the blog, i think in a few days time, i'll change the posting dates of this series earlier, so that they will be together at a date near my birthday... Thank you EVERYONE who have made my birthday this year so enjoyable!!... i have enjoyed every single bit of it :)

Wonderful Weekend (Part 6)

After walking around at arab street, i proceeded to meet bangzhi, jason, ripple and the gang at sentosa... i know they are there ready to sabo me... AND IT WAS POURING HEAVILY!!
Luckily the sabo was not as bad as the one we did to jason!!.. they bought quite a lot of stuffs from the supermarket and wanted me and kelvin(his bd too) to guess the stuffs while we were blindfolded and when we cannot guess them, they will "punish" us with cold water, stripping etc etc ... although the session at sentosa was a short one, it was very enjoyable..
The most shocking thing was that jason actually agreed to PLAY MAHJONG after sentosa, and i had never ever hear him agreeing to mahjong before ... so we decided to proceed to my place for mahjong and forgo the musical fountain (i actually wanted to stay and watch)....
[i didn't bring my cam because of the rain, gotta thank jason and ripple for providing the photos in this posting]

Friday, September 29, 2006

Wonderful Weekend (Part 5)

After brunch we decided to go for a walk walk session at arab street .... and here are the interesting shots we got from that afternoon before it started pouring heavily

literal translation!! i still think dragon gate sounds more class than dragon door

how come the 2 girls have totally different expressions

saw this candle displaying along one of the shops at arab street... Happy Birthday To Me!!

super warm day

how retro and cool, we walk across this corner, there was even newspaper there

high fashion?? .... hhmmmmmm

see no evil, hear no evil

waiting to cross the road

a very considerate cat, making sure it doesn't block the way while sleeping

the ba kua powerpuff girls

is she too happy or is she crying????

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wonderful Weekend (Part 4)

haha.This "wonderful weekend" is a long posting man!! ...
Finally i've reached my actual birthday.. the sunday... it started with dim sum at yan palace (hong lim complex) the ex GDIS guys, lawrence regina lengleng joey.
The food was fabulous, all the dim sum items were very special, not the normal items that we used to eat. you should go try it out... but it's a little expensive, once in a while ok lah
It was also then that they gave me the crumpler camera bag!! YEAH!! new bag ... and they treated me to this meal too!! haha

Oh.. and here's a very cute cake!! .... my 3rd birthday cake... retro right? with the chocolate rice at the side. and there's still ASTROBOY!! ... what a wonderful brunch to start off my birthday!!

After dim sum, we took a short walk to this small dessert store in chinatown called mei heong yuen, it's at temple street, but the dessert there aren't that fantastic for you guys to go search for that stall. you can go sit down and have a bowl of dessert if you happen to walk past. Do order the mango with pomelo and sago, i think that's the best of all the dessert that we ordered.

Back From Taipei

Holiday's over.... back to work... had a great time at taipei with lots of photos to share, took 800 over photos... i'll take some time to sort them out and post the nicer ones slowly. before that, i'll complete the posting for my birthday weekend.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Car Park Summon Part 2

Remember a previous post called "Retribution" about me getting a parking summon?
I wrote an email to appeal and HDB let me off!!! , save $30 ... YEH!!

Following this i guess i won't be able to post for the next 5 days, will be enjoying myself in taipei!! ..... hopefully can take photos of the DAO BIAN XING DONG... I'll also continue with my wonderful birthday weekend when i come back .. really too many photos!! ... haha ..

Sinful Supper after Tennis

At night, i played tennis with leon, bingwei and libing, immediately after the session, we went for supper at adam road food centre. quite a few good food here. the cheng tng here is quite good, they usually get sold out by midnight
This time, i ordered sweet potato soup instead, and it taste equally nice
Fish ball noodle is also quite good, the sting ray too!! And seeing libing in this t-shirt you gotta go see the OSIM triathlon corporate website, they actually chose his photo as their banner at the top... but they didn't pay him royalties... oh.. and i'll show you how much better is leon's photography skill ... here one named tennis modeled by libing
Leon ordered the chicken cutlet and the following conversation started
Libing: "Hey leon, you're going to waste your effort playing tennis if you eat this "
Leon: "can you imagine if i didn't play tennis?!! "
So now we all know how leon put on so much weight over the past few years.

Sakae Sushi Promotion

It's wednesday and it's tennis day again, in fact this time it was double tennis day. played with yihan and terry in the morning, after that we met up with kelly, bangzhi and jeffrey for lunch at sakae sushi because they were having this 9 plates for $9 promotion.
But there's 1 problem, there were 6 of us and they only allow a max of 9 plates under the promotional price per table per bill!!.... so to get around it, we decided to split tables, 3 tables of 2... so we get to enjoy 3 sets os 9 plates, just that we dun get to chit chat. I think terry and kelly enjoyed the privacy they are getting by spliting tablesFinally, we cannot take it not sitting together, so we settled the bill and walk in as 6 person asking for a table, we even ask the waiter to keep our tea and bring it to our new table.. haha we were entitled to another 9 more plates at $9..The promotion is still on till 23rd, if you are reading this, you might wanna try this stunt .... haha

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wonderful Weekend (Part 3)

Had an event in the day for lampe berger. the lb guys planned a dinner session for me at this place called pu tien restaurant at 127 kitchener road. this restaurant, all of you reading gotta go try it out, the food over there is fantastic, gotta thank yihan's dad for his recommendation. the place is not difficult to find, just drive to kitchener road and look out for the orange signboard by the side of the road, they provide valet parking service.
The decor of this place is not bad too, i quite like it. oh, luckily we made reservation, the place is crowded with people waiting for seats at the entrance. now lets take a look at the food we had that day
First item, bitter gourd served in thin raw slices to be taken with honey, special right?
Garlic clams, i never dared to eat clams, but i tried this one and to my surprise it was quite nice!!
Deep fried yam coated duck, another very special dish
Vege fried with salted and century eggs
special pu tien white lor mee
Fried mantou with shredded pork
deep fried yam cubes in sweet sauce, my favourite dish for that evening
Xing hua fried bee hoon
And this was my second birthday cake this year!! ... my favourite awfully chocolate cake... but i think their standard has dropped as compared to when they first started, the cake is not as moist as it used to be. very happy that they know i like this cake!

After dinner, it was still early and since we are at little india, decided to go back to prickly bush, wanted to introduce the nice place to the lb guys, ended up playing bang(a card game) there. If you happen to be there, you gotta try out this yogurt drink called FUZE, it;s very nice!!Thank you terry, yihan, kelly, geehoe, andy, kianhong, cheesing, alfred for treating me this wonderful dinner and spending an eventful day with me :-) !!.. haha