Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Phone for Sale

Chiver has a brand new phone he would like to sell at $450..

Sony erricson w910i (hearty red) click here to read more about this model

Let me know if you are interested, then you can contact him to get it from him...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Most Kissable Guy

Girls and ladies reading this.. do take some time to cast a vote for stanley toh!!

Here's stanley's clip

This voting this open to the guys and girls... but only girls will win the date with mr kissable.. can vote here

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tomb Sweeping

A very tiring sunday, woke up at 5am, washed up and left home at 5:20am to uncle's place (rendezvous point) to meet other family members and set off in dad's pick up to our first location, the choa chu kang cemetery. 6am traffic jam, road marshals everywhere, roads converted to one way... paid respect to grandpa and his mum there.Next stop, bright hill temple. grandma and her mum's ashes were place there. another long traffic jam, super crowded, warm, scorching sun.Next up, mt pleasant, this is the real challenge, bash through thick vegetation, search for tomb, siam all the creepy crawlies, found them after a while, cleared up the year's worth of growth over the tomb, lucky there was no fallen tree.Last location nearby, took a long time to find the tomb cos it was totally covered by growth, dad remembered the location and found the tombstone after searching under the vegetation.On the way back home, sudden downpour, totally drenched at the back of the uncovered pickup, umbrella was useless... totally shack out at at 3pm..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Leng

Time flies... it seems not too long ago that we had leng's bd celebration at vivo, this year, it's at vivo again, dinner at bosses, a restaurant that i have always wanted to try, cos there were many varying reviews about the food there. more reviews about the food on justximplyfood.We got a table at the side and the wallpaper there was really nice, makes a great backdrop for phototaking. the lights they have there also creates a nice warm ambience.Took quite some photos as usual, all came out nicely with the wonderful backdrop!
Nice cake, nice company, and as usual, jokes all round the table, this time it's about this new prc friend we have called zaina... and she loves the cucumber lemon tea at the bosses restaurant..