Monday, October 29, 2007

Andie into Finals

It was the semifinals for starsearch last sunday, and i can see that andie has got more supporters in the studio this time. it was a sea of red, taking up the centre area of the seats, right behind the judges. everyone was excited and a little worried, he's injured, and 2 contestants will be out and not be able to go to the finals... will he succeed? we all have strong faith in him!

We all turn up in red, and this colour coordination really makes the supporters look very unified, i think this does help in boosting andie's confidence when he's performing on stage and looking at this whole big group of fans in red. of course, the cheers led by our cheerleader helped a lot too.

First segment was singing, he appeared in a totally dashing outfit, just like a prince, sang well, danced well.. even the judges thought so, and he topped the segment!!
At sebsequent segments, accumulated scores got him top in ranking too, and i felt that he acted really well in the final segment, and of course, he's on his way to the finals.. to be held on the 4th movember, remember to tune in to channel 8 at 8pm for the live show. and meanwhile, do support him for most popular award, call 1900-1125004, 60cents per call.. lets hope he'll clinch both the most popular award and the champion for the competition!!

Jia you andie!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Oct Babies

Had a birthday celebration at this wonderful jap restaurant, gyu kaku at chijmes. The food is absolutely fabulous.. please go try it, good food, good service, nice ambience, of course it all comes with a price, dinner for 8 was nearly $600. i wrote about the food on justximplyfood.

It was a nice session and even got to know 2 new friends... sufen and zhenwei..

It was great that this place was selected for the celebration, totally enjoyed the dinner, good place, good company.. happy birthday oct babies!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Late Birthday Celebration

After many weeks, i finally got the chance to meet up with jt for his birthday, there has been so many celebrations for him by his various friends who made advance advance booking that i had to be squeezed to so many weeks after the birthday... but anyway, still got to meet up .. together with js and rip, we had a nice dinner at va va voom.The food was good, click on the link above to see more reviews and photos of the food. had a nice chat after dinner at the cafe itself. and after playing around wih the camera, we realised one thing. js look like a celebrity... first it was zt now it's js..

Any idea who he looks like from these 2 photos?

For those who dun know, this is lin you jia, the winner for this talent serach competition called superstar avenue in taiwan..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bryan and Grace

It's the wedding of grace and bryan, hmmm i 'm still more used to calling him weihong. knew him from sec school band, and later, knew grace from uni band.

The bride was gorgeous at the dinner, and the groom was still as cool as ever, pilot is definitely a profession that's suitable for him.
The food was alright, but i think conrad's standard has dropped, i remembered the food was better. but the dinner was great, had lots of catching up done, it's always during weddings that you meet up with people you never see for long time and it makes a good chance to catch up with one another's lifes

Shared the table with sufang, chunguan, bingsong, jasmine, jiemin, james, liling, lianxiang, kenneth, mingbao, jiehong. other than these people, i got to meet up with quite a few friends from sec, jc and uni band too.. like shuhuai, shulan, miaoen, kelvin, mingmao, chaoquan, xingzan, xue'er, jiacang, jianxing, weitu. haha i'm just trying to see if i can remember all the names.. i didn't miss out anyone right?

Oh and we have a special guest at our table, and he's snatching quite a bit of the limelight from the bride and groom.. even though he was oblivious to all the people who greeted him. he's none other than little jerard..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wonderful Chocolate Fondue

This title seems like it's supposed to be on justximplyfood rather than here, but the fondue is so nice that i had to use it as the title for this posting. Met up with ex collesgues, zhiyi has completed his degree in aust and is back, sill enjoying his holidays before looking for a job. we had dinner at golden mile tower, the steamboat place with chicken rice. someow i felt that i prefer the one at purvis street. after that we proceeded across the road to the food centre for dessert. a friend recommended me the waffles with belgian chocolate there, and after missing it twice (read about it here) i just have to try my luck again.

Yes, it's opened this time round, and we decided to order a fondue set since there are 5 of us around. the chocolate was heavenly!! it remains liquid even without any heating element till the last drop.. cool right? and there's this super lemon ice cream that they have, it taste just like the super lemeon candy we used to have when we were young, absolutely sour, super shoik..

Moved on to dempsey for tea and chat, wanted to visit barracks again, even made reservation. When we finally got car park lots and walked there, this totally obnoxious (i hope this is the right word to use) lady greeted us,

lady: Hi, can i help you?
us: yes, we made a reservation under the name lengleng
lady: lengleng? (with a puzzled look)
us: yes.
lady: (without even checking) are you here for dinner or just drinks, cos i dun remember having a reservation under that name.
us: just for drinks
lady: we only take reservations if you are dining here.
us: but we called and the lady on the other line took down our reservation
lady: oh then she's in the wrong, cos we do not take reservations for drinks
us: ok then just get us a table
lady: sorry we are currently full, you might wanna sit by the bar if you want
us: ......@#$@%

We walked down the place and realised that the bar was really a small place, dun even know how we can chat. so we left and moved over to olio, and was greeted by staffs 10 times friendlier!

Regina just came back from japan and got us cute looking hair wax!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Photos Lost

Wanted to post on my birthday gifts, but.. i couldn't find the photos i took of the presents.. i guess i must have thought that i downloaded it and delete them from my cf card... sianzzz.

So.. i'll just write in words...

Thanks for all the gifts..

the adidas jacket from lawrence lengleng regina joey

the st. petersburg board game from bangzhi bangjun bangjie

the hartmann namecard case from terry yihan tracy kianhong

the mandarina duck coin pouch from terry

the picard card holder from laimeng and eugene

the astroboy t-shirt from zhentao and william

the crumpler handphone holder from chiver and yutong

hhmmm.. did i miss out anything??

and thanks for all the free meals!! from xingzan cruz zhentao william on top of those from my previous posts... happy birthday to me..

Birthday Celebration 5

After the surprise wakeboarding trip, we adjourned to town for lunch and i have another surprise, there are more people meeting us there for lunch.. so other than terry yihan and bangzhi, we have jackson bangjun and bangjie joining us. woah, such a plasent surprise.. Fodd wasn't fantastic (wrote about it here), first time i'm having a meal there, not impressed by the food, but was very impressed by the staffs when they were bringing out the birthday cake, all the staffs gathered and sang the birthday song, really loudly and totally in tune(this is the main thing that got me impressed), when the cake was brougt out. i was sure everyone in the restaurant could hear them, it sounded so much better than those who play the bd song from cd, or worse, no music at all, just walk out with the cake.. and after the song, they were very quick in getting back to their respective jobs at different parts of the restaurant!! so they surprised me by coming out of nowhere, and then they disappeared in a flash again.. cool...

Thank you all of you for the wonderful lunch gathering as well as the cake!! awfully chocolate!! woo hoo.. i love the chocolate cake from awfully chocolate and lana cake shop.... keep this in mind for next year ok? hahaha

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Birthday Celebration 4

It was a sunday morning and terry had booked my time beforehand without telling me where we will be going to. early in the morning at 8pm, terry yihan and bangzhi came over to my place to pick me, and they blindfolded me!!! so took me downstairs into the car and off we drove!!!

the trip took around 20 to 30 mins, and we reached a place where i hear water like how it sounds in a fountain, and somehow the place smells like a fish market.. i tot they brought me to a market.. after some wait.. i was led somewhere else again, and i had to walk down this narrow bridge and then onto a boat.. and then the boat sped off! hhmmm are we going to have breakfast on a kelong? haha that was the thought that popped in to my mind then.

When they finally took down the blindfold, we were on a boat and going out to sea for wakeboarding!!! it had been so long since i last rode on a wakeboard. the weather was wonderful, we all had got a little more tanned. and i got a free wakeboard session!! woo hoo...
All 3 of them managed to ride quite well, definitely an improvement from the last time they went riding, i believe the last time they went was with me as well... didn't take much photos, cos i was still recovering from the shock. but it was a really refreshing sunday morning..
Here's terry in action.. not bad hor? got seh right??

Thanx for the surprise!! and they were really thoughful, cos they even brought my underwear so that i have a fresh clean one to change into after the session!! they took it from my wardrobe when picking me up from my place!! without me noticing!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birthday Celebration 3

We were looking out for new places to dine at dempsey hill since so many eateries have sprung up sin the past few months. finally, decided on oosh, and managed to get reservations. the place looks very good every time we drove past and it's a good chance to check out the food and the place. read more about the place and food on my food blog. but as a general comment, ambience is good but food is quite disappointing, esp the mains.

Lawrence, regina, lengleng and joey got me a wonderful birthday gift as well as a nice cheese cake from swissbake.

Swissbake never fail to deliver good looking and good tasting cakes. this one was just nice for 5 of us, and how thoughtful of them to put just 1 candle, when you are a kid, you cannot wait to have more candles on your cake, the more the merrier, but at this age now, you always hope the the number of candles remains the same year after year..

After the disappointing food, we decided to skip dessert and proceed somewhere else for tea and cakes. ps cafe was fully packed, as we walked around dempsey hill, we say this place called house. it's a spa on the 2nd storey and a restaurant, cafe with a bar on the ground floor called barracks. decided to give it a try.
The place is cool, they have private rooms which you can reserve, no extra charge, as long as you can spend more than $300 in a bill. But most of the non-uniformed staffs seemed quite stucked up, maybe you gotta dress well in order to get them to pay more attention to you. the uniformed staffs were all fine.
We ordered a pot of tea each, they have interesting ta mixture. i ordered something with spearmint, and you know how the tea taste like? imagine this, you take a wrigley's spearmint gum and chew it for an hour.. that's when all the sweetness has gone off.. the tea taste exactly like that... and after adding sugar? hhmm.. the chewing gum is back to the fresh unchewed one.. haha. The lavander tea was quite funny too, very nice smell but not taste. Read about the food and dining experience here.
This guy here is one of the staff there, he's called desmond, he wears the uniform like the non bosses there, but he's one of the boss we think. a really friendly person, really good at cracking jokes, he was the one so reccommended us the items to get and telling us more about this place. so if you guys are thinking of going there, remember to look for desmond, cos we tried going a second time, he wasn't around, this lady looked at us, talked to us as if we were didn't fit the culture there and shouldn't be sitting in her cafe...seems like we do not have the class to step into her place. i wonder if anyone else got the same treatment.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Birthday Celebration 2

Date: 8 Sept 2007

Thanks to ripple and js who organised a mc birthday party for me and kelvyn...

rip called up mac to make the reservation

rip: hello, i would like to make a reservation for a party on 8 sept
staff: ok what time?

... blah blah ..

staff: what's the age of the child?
rip: errr...... 30 ....
staff: ??!!??

And so a handful of us arrived at kallang mac on this sat afternoon. location was chosen cos there might be less people there, but wrong, the place was packed, there were 2 party rooms, and we used one of them, the room had glass walls, people were looking in cos there were this group of overgrown children in party hats sitting on mini chairs..
Other than the fantastic nuggets and fries, rip and js made cupcakes and even included a mini angel, supposed to be my bride.. hahaha
It was a wonderful afternoon spend at mac to relive our childhood dreams. having a party at mac was almost everyone's dream as a child!! ..
Thank you all of you for being there for the bd party!!!

Birthday Celebration 1

I have kept these photos until now.. will post them up event by event..

Date: 6 Sept 2007

First birthday celebration was just a simple dinner at tony romas with bingwei, alvin, leon, yvonne, zhenhong and libing. mingbao was supposed to be there, but he was too tied up at the hospital because it was his son's day of birth. this celebration was for bingwei and my birthday, since our birthdays are only 5 days apart.

If i didn't recall wrongly, we celebrated our birthdays at this exact same place 12 years ago!! gotta go dig out the photo, it was when we were all still in jc.. long long ago.. it was a nice dinner, and after that we went back to the hospital to see little jerard again.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Andie Into Semifinals

Date: 25 Sept 2007

It's an evening at mediacorp again, it's round 2 of the competition at star search for andie. this time, 2 guys and 3 girls will be competing and 2 of the 6 will be dropped out. First segment was dancing, and the 3 guys are dance quite well, andie was quite impressive though. next was question and answer, and he did very well, he definitely left a stronger impression as compared to the rest of them..

Ok a little sidetrack, i was quite shocked to see more and more photographers in the studio as the show progresses, i dun remember seeing them in the last show, why does mediacorp need so many photographers? later i realised they were not interested in the show, they are interested in the judge who has been getting on the headlines... alex man...
Ok, back to the competition, last and most important segment, acting. andie was fabulous, because unrehearsed situations were put in to tekan the contestants, he handled them really well.. some of the other contestants couldn't handle them and even laughed.. he really deserved the top ranking for thos round!! looking forward to more exciting performances from him.This time round, i managed to catch hold of him for a pose after the show, the previous time, he was too busy being interviewed.. this was his nerdy look for the act, i wonder what image will he sport for the semifinals!!
Kelvyn with the most provocative poster of andie.

And here he is after changing out of his costume, as usual, the reception was full of fans waiting for them to come out so they could talk to them, take photos etc. hhmmm, oh i did that too.. aarrgghh .. so i'm labeled as a fan? haha.. will always be a fan of the bang brothers

Thursday, October 04, 2007

2nd Annual Moontern Party

This was held at js' place on 22nd sept this year. check out on the 1st moontern festival party here.A year has past really fast many things has changed too, ok let's not go into that. back to the moontern party, met some new people at the party, they were js' classmates.. couldn't remember all their names so i shall not try to list them here.. but we took lots of photos.. and as js had done such a good job on the writeup of the whole event, i shall not write too much here, please read it from there.
I was amazed by the spread on the table when i arrived. the prizes were nicely wrapped and labeled, high class mooncakes, very retro looking lanterns with candles and home made cookies as door gifts!!
Js and rip baked cuppy cakes and this time round they did not do the decorations on the top of the cupcakes, as we hav to decorate a cake each.. and the worst part is that at the end, we will have to eat one of the cake, lucky draw style.. 2 lucky ones won't have to eat it.. dun misunderstand, the cake is nice, but as you know, when you let people like us do the decoration, we will add whatever there is onto the cake, making it sweet like hell!!
After making your own cupcakes, it's time you make your own lantern, kk submitted 2 entries and he made them the night before, he's all out to win, oh and he did.. while most of the rest made our lantern only there on the spot.

Here's my creation being held by js.. we had lots of fun playing with lanterns, photos finding the right spot for photos, playing with sparkles, at around midnight, people walking past must be thinking that this group of people must have deprived childhoods, still carrying lanterns, playing with sparkles like little kids in the middly of the night in the middle of a quiet estate. but who cares!! having fun is more important..

It was a wonderful party... all thanks to jsrs.....