Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Libing's Leaving Singapore... Sob Sob

After visiting chantelle, we went tony romas at orchard for dinner, libing requested for this gathering because he's leaving singapore to work in hk........ FOR 2 WEEKS ..... hahaha

Strong memory of this place because almost exactly 11 years ago, we were there having dinner celebrating bingwei's birthday if i didn't remember wrongly, bingwei could even remember that we went ice skating after that and followed by mahjong at his place. I still have photos of the gathering at tony romas and from the ice skating ring. You can let me know if you wanna see the photo to relive the good old times.

There were no tables for us in the beginning and only me jiehong and bingwei was there, so i took this chance to experiment with my camera and i found something interesting! I always though that when you have the flash on, you should reduce the exposure, and when i do that i always get a photo where the subject is adequetely lit but the background is absolutely dark. This time i tried using slower shutter speed with the flash and i realise that the photo comes out very nicely, background nicely lit with the subject focused.

Meili always refuse to let me take her photo, even this one is a candid shot, i think her face looks quite slim in this photo, or is it because my monitor is tuned out of proportion

This is requested by meili, to serve as evidence that she returned bingwei the money

Finally, everyone arrived and we placed our orders, as usual, libing will have his clumsy stunts, he can actually drop the whole big piece of the garlic butter on the table!!!

Whenever libing meets meili, he will talk about his "air bags" aka breasts, and this time round, he took a step further and got meili to touch them BY FORCE!! hahaha... and meili seems to be enjoying it..... hhmmmm

The food at tony romas are not as good as they were many years ago, but the baked potato soup is still as good. No photos of the food cos they were all under exposed, all very dark.

Chantelle is 1 Month Old

Last sunday was chantelle's 1 month celebration and it's also the first time i got to see her. Me bingwei and jiehong went over to roger's place in the afternoon. Went to check her out immediately after we arrived and realised that she's really cute!!. Oh, and you cannot leave her alone even if you are standing near her, she constantly needs someone to carry her.... that's so interesting, we tried putting her down for just a couple of minutes and she started crying until roger picks her up again.

I think roger looks like he's going to twist her neck off anytime

I was quite surprised to see that roger can change her diapers!! and he did it very professionally, you can actually see that chantelle is enjoying the process of it... all the fathers to be, go learn some lesson from roger

Sidetrack a little, here's bingwei with his new polo ralph t shirt, i think it looks quite cool, cos it's not the normal plain colour polo t, this one has got a design on it which looks somewhat like a watercolour art painting.

Monday, August 28, 2006


We always go bowling at marina south cos there's lobang for $2.50 per game even on weekends, not bad right? But i never knew that terry has got such a nice posture until i got it caught on my camera. If you have read the tennis posting, this is what i mean by play sport must have the "seh". Although he looks a little blur in the photo but i think this photo looks nice cos all the lanes are empty.

Flight Delayed

My brother was scheduled to be back in singapore on friday night after his 3 weeks of obs training at perak, supposed to have transport arranged for him to get to seletar camp from the airport and i should be able to fetch him at 10pm from seletar camp.

Got a call from him at 7 plus telling me it will be delayed because of engine problem, so will reach at around 10 at the airport and i could pick him from the airport directly. So me and bangzhi went to the airport to wait at 10. Finally, he called ..... at last... can go back and play mahjong, but he said: "I'm still at KL airport, if nothing goes wrong, the plane should take off in a few minutes" .... SIAN DIAO... so we have to walk around the airport to entertain ourselves, Luckily there's bangzhi and ripple around, if not i'd be bored to death.

Went to popeyes chicken & biscuit at T1 cos i love their biscuits.... but it was sold out ... so ended up drinking teh and eating kaya toast and eggs ... yes ... so late at night. Dun you think the photo looks like what you see at typical coffee shops in the morning, in fact it looks quite retro hor?

While reading, ripple found an ad that she felt that she could imitate, and she did it.

Finally dawei's flight touched down and we went to the belt to welcome him back to singapore ... On the way there, we saw this wall feature that's absolutely catchy, so we stopped for some experiment....What do you think of this photo?

met dawei and realised that they have to go for another briefing before they can "fall out"... hai .. wait AGAIN!! saw a cute girl beside us but i couldn't get any picture of her clearly, very dimly lit... ended up with a nice photo of bangzhi instead. you see the legs behind him? that's the mother carrying the cute little girl..

Camera Shy

Met a friend for breakfast on thursday... and as usual, i brought my camera. Wah ... he super camera shy man... or rather he dun want to be shot looking too lok kok .. haha ...

But i still want to post it cos i think the smile he has is worth posting. ok... that's all... if there's chance i'll post his photos next time if he allows me to take.... celebrity cannot sui pian take photo, need approval. maybe in a few days, i'll be summoned to take this photo out of the blog ...haha

Tennis is Actually Quite Fun

Went to play tennis last week, and i realised that it's quite enjoyable. Although i'm totally "Seh"-less while playing, but i think it's quite a fun way to exercise, as compared to jogging, might be a good way for me to reduce my spare tire. So i might be playing this sport quite often in hope to increase my seh while playing it, i always feels that it's embarassing to play a sport if you cannot carry it out, so gotta train.. Here are a few photos of terry and yihan, these are the more wu seh ones that i have.

Waiting for the serve... yah right..... dun be fooled, he's just posing, if i didn't remember wrongly, terry was busy picking balls, giving yihan lots of time to pose for shots like this.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Goodbye to Bangzhi's Ah Ma

Went to bangzhi's grandma's wake on monday night, his grandma has peacefully passed on after a long fight with mr cancer. I was at the wake on sunday too but didn't bring along my camera cos i tot there won't be anything interesting to shoot at a wake. But i was wrong... Firstly, bangzhi has got 2 very cute cousins who are hyperactive, even though a wake is a solemn event, the 2 innocent kids just ran around with their own self-made props and created quite a scene at singapore casket.

When they see me with a camera, they are totally not camera shy, they will start to pose and smile, here they are in their own self-made "cars", there's even a headlight... haha

Throughout my whole stay, they were constantly active and enjoying each other's company, playing with the flowers from the wreaths and anything they can find lying aroundAnd finally, he got tired.....

There was this shot that i took that i like very much. When darren was holding a signboard from one of the wreath and playing with it, i caught this shot, which i think really shows the innocence of a kid. Do you think that he actually knows that his grandma has just passed away? what do you think kids understand about death? Ripple actually told me that he will walk to the coffin and try to talk to his Ah Ma at times.

All the girls went crazy with they are allowed to keep that flowers from the wreaths because that was the last night and the wreaths will be thrown away anyway, so ripple took this chance to pick as many nice fresh flowers as she could

Friday, August 25, 2006

Parklane Wanton Mee

Went for supper at Parklane Wanton Mee on monday night, we went to the one opposite bugis justion, it's right opposite mos burger across the street, beside the place that sells prata. Tried to catch this photo a few times but couldn't get a well exposed shot of the place, and i very paisei cos the staff keep looking at me when i was taking this shot, he asked in mandarin "Why are you taking photo? Helping us advertise? No need to advertise lah, yesterday meadiacorp come and shoot already." WAH! ... i dun even know it's THAT famous.

Here's the food, first is the pork chop noodle that kianhong ordered, the pork chop actually looked quite tender, i have never tried it, maybe i'll try that next time. The next one is the famous fried wanton mee. Their noodles is cooked just right, not too soggy, very nice, just the way i like it. This is actually the branch, the first shop is somewhere near parklane shopping centre, but i'm not too sure of the exact location.

While waiting for our noodles, marcus took out his NEW phone!! GOLD colour sia... is gold the new colour in fashion? i still thinks it's a little obiang, what you you think?

New York New York

It has been a busy week.... I have got quite some photos in my camera but no time to upload it into the blog, i'll post them up slowly... so you guys gotta be patient.

Last Sunday, i met up with old classmates from HJC 94S33... went to this new cafe at citilink, called New York New York. The place looks good from the outside and we waited nearly an hr before we got out seats. The price of the food is quite reasonable but i dun the the food is that fantastic..

Here are some photos from the gathering

Look at weebeng in the following photo... look at the eyes... i think he's starting to look old already, i guess this is one thing that all of us will face... hai... must start to maintain liao...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday GeeHoe

It's geehoe's birthday, actually on the 17th but we went to celebrate on th 18th instead, since he have the craving to go sing, so we decided to go party world. While waiting for everyone else, i took a shot of the birthday boy.

My favourite chocolate cake... haha awfullychocolate, since i'm the one who went to buy the cake, of course i'll choose a cake that i like to eat right?

Dun really like this photo, it looks like a photo that can be taken with any camera, in fact i think some camera phones can take a photo like that nowdays. But since it's the best one i have of everyone in it, so i just post it here, it's really difficult to take good photos in dimly lit places without a good flash. Happy Birthday geehoe and sharon

We managed to get the birthday boy to drink some concoction made of some alcohol and topped up with coca cola... it got him quite high just after a short while... and it's time to get some act cute photos from him

Sumitra's Gay Clothes Theory

Went shopping for geehoe's birthday present at suntec and when we went into topshop, i saw some clothes where the colours are quite striking and i asked sumitra to go try them because he's awlays seen with plain dull colours. And he says that green looks gay, so does pink and purple, that's why he only wears plain dull colour. So to prove his point wrong, i selected this polo t shirt and got him to wear it
Everyone out there.... which part of sumitra looks gay? i think he looks good in this t shirt, so much better than his plain dull coloured ones. Can someoneS else tell him that? ..... Please throw away your funny theory on gay looking clothes, and start to dress better...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Buona Vista Duck Rice

Went to NUS yesterday afternoon and recalled the delicious duck rice along south buona vista road, dunno exact address again but it's just along the roadside very near nacli. The road is also called 88 turns(wan in hokkien) if i'm not wrong. Look out for this stall called LIM SENG LEE duck rice, there's a small private parking area right outside this shophouse, it's the leftmost shop in the row of showhouses, there's a mosque beside this row of shophouses.

We went there very late, about 1 plus and we were very hungry, looking at the uncle chopping the ducks make us even hungrier, i see the uncle chopping the ducks non stop until when we almost finish our lunch, that's when i see him took a break

Taa daa .... Here's the mouthwatering FOOD!! ... the duck was really tender, and i love the "lor zap", remember to ask for extra "lor zap" for your rice. This place is quite inaccessible if you do not have a car, those who have car, do try it out one of these days and let me know if you think it's nice.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Backdated Photos

More photos from the past week. Marcus complaining that i never put his photo on my blog, so here it is, photo of marcus and sharon... The light from the window really brings out the colour of their hair. Do you think that marcus' eyebrows just makes you wanna look at it one more time, it's so thick and defined, maybe he pluck his eyebrows.

Next we have frederick, i took this photo a few days after i got the camera, it's at the new basement area in raffles city. I did some major editing to this photo, specifically to the face, i think only fred and some of those who see's him often will notice it. Let's see who can spot it first!!

Another experimental photo taken while we are waiting for the fireworks to start last friday night. I wanted a photo that shows many people waiting and wanted the effect of the people moving. So i set the shutter speed to very slow, i think it was 15 secs and took this photo, i used the small lousy built in flash too. What do you people think of the effect? any way to create a better effect?

Potrait again, taken while waiting for fireworks too. i changed the photo to black and white cos i think this photo looks better and more catchy in black and white, terry was sitting on the ground while i took the photo from above

Still Life

Didn't take photos today, so as i was browsing through the photos that i have taken over the past 2 weeks, i came across these 2 photos and i quite like them

I find the photo of this chandelier interesting, the chandelier is metallic, but when the light get reflected by the metallic parts, do you see that it creates a very interesting sprial pattern all over the chandelier, esp along the mian post(i dunno what's a more official name for that thing)

One of the first few trys on close up macro shots, saw this fake rose and thought it's quite a good subject to take because there are many fake water droplets on it, if you try not to zoom into the photo, i think this photos actually look auite like the real rose hor? Again i like the effect of the subject being very focused and the backgroung blurred.....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prata Again

I went to another prata place yesterday for dinner. But this place the prata is not veyr nice. Their thosai is very very good!! and super cheap.Quite a famous place called Casuarina Curry, It's at Casuarina Rd, at the junction of yio chu kang road and upper thomson road. i specially like the masala thosai because it has potato in it ... for those who still dun know, i love all kinds of potato. I'm a potato FREAK!!

I think my blog is starting to become a place for me to recommend food ... jason actually commented that i can change my blog to justximplyfood .... haha.... but i enjoy driving around singapore to try good food, so if you have any place to recommend, do let me know ok? .... and do try out the places i say and see if my standard is good.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wonderful Weekend with lots of Food!

This weekend was wonderful..... esp sat, went to the library book fair at expo with bangzhi and had a very satisfying dinner in the east, at 2 different hawker centres.

First we went to the hawker centre near bedok camp, i dunno the road name there, maybe some one can help me out here. I know that the Cheng Teng there is very good, so i went queueing for it, but when it's my turn, they told me only longan and winter melon left, bian lor. we also queued for the famous fried hokkien's was very good!! (No photos cos i left the camera in the car).. but after that both of us were not full, so we decided to proceed to the hawker centre at bedok interchange.

We had mutton soup and zhui guey (from 2 different stalls, "Bedok" and "Tiong Bahru") i personally prefer the Bedok one. the mutton soup was cheap and good too!!! ... then we went for dessert, there's this interesting stall (Xue Hua Fei) that sells watermelon ice in JUMBO size!!! it was too big for the 2 of us, so we did not order. we just ordered normal desert.The photo above looks quite ugly but it's already the best one i have of the stall front, the florescent lights are very bright and there are other parts that are poorly lit, i really dunno how i can make the photo be of less contrast... Pros, HELP!! ..

The uncle even made 2 smiling faces with the watermelon skin and hang it outside the stall.

The serving on the desert was HUGE!! Look at the amount of sea coconut he gave us, i think the uncle dun really earn much.

Can you believe that this watermelon desert with fruits presented so beautifully costs only $2... btw, i dunno this person the the picture, we shared table and i ask him if i can take a photo of his dessert.... haha

I was at shaw towers on sunday having some meeting and then when it comes to dinner time, i suddenly remembered that i really liked the prata at suntec, it WAS the best prata i ever tasted, crispy and flakey on the outside and the inside is soft and chewy..... But sadly, the usual indian uncle that was always there was not the chef on sunday, and the standard was really bad. I wonder if the indian uncle still works there or has he opened his own stall somewhere else

Prata was just appetiser, initially wanted to eat KFC, but cheesing never tried Carl's Jr, so we went there for their giant burgers and free flow drinks