Friday, September 28, 2007

Jerard's Birth Day

Very delayed. i think i gotta put in the date of the event in order not yo mislead people..

6th sept 2007...

There was a plan to meet up for dinner this night. but early in the morning, got an sms from bw saying the jh is on the way to the hospital, jerard can't wait to come out... haha.. so everyone was anticipating.. and just a few hours later, we got news that he's out, even got an mms from the dad. so evening plans was changed. we'll all meet at the hospital and then decide if we are going to go for dinner at the same time and same place...
Jerard was sleeping all the while, i didn;t get the chance to see how his eyes looks like. but while he's sleeping, he'll yawn, sometimes cry, have small movements.. etc etc.. very cute!! are all babies like that?
Mb carrying the fragile looking jerard, no one else among us dared to carry him, cos he's so tiny and we do not know how much strength to use to carry him up.
I've chose a nicer photo of jh, cos she felt that all the photos taken that day didn't feature her very well.. esp those with the double chins.. but i think this one is not bad, just that the hair is a little messy, but sleeping on the bed sure messed up right?

Btw, little jerard has already started his own blog. do visit him and check out on his progress at

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Star Search Round 1

Bangjun's first round of the competition was held a few weks ago at mediacorp. i had to post this now, cos there will be more updates after the next round which will be held tonight.It was quite obvious that bangjun's supporters are more than the rest, it was a sea of red in the studio. there were lots of banners and small items made by friends and family to be distributed to the supporters before th show begin, everything was red and gold, it was quite a wonderful site, you should be able to see it from your tv screen at home.

He did quite a good job in all the segments, esp the dancing one. and he got through to the next round, let's hope that he'll continue the good work and work his way to the final round!! remember to tune in to channel 8 tonight for the show!!

Keeping the props after the show, to be used in the next round. and i waited quite a while to get a photo of him, but he was busy with the interview and didn't look up, and before he showed us his face, someone came over to me..."sorry no photos!!"
As usual, we proceeded for supper after the show. some time ago, when there was superhost, the super had to be chop chop cos it's back to the studio at 11pm for the result. this time, no voting, thus results are released immediately, so we have all the time after that for supper. but the star had to stay back for briefing, and he couldn't join us.Jia you bangjun!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Support Kel

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, was too busy with work and with that little bit of free time left, i filled it up entirely with activities... now that i have a little more free time, i'll start to post pics from the past 3 weeks.. gotta give me a few days...

Anyway, kelvyn is going on a community service trip to nepal to help the kids in terms of education and he's currently doing his bit by doing some fund raising so that they will have more funds to help these kids... you can read more at his blog here... but to summarise, he hopes that we can donate a small token and then he will get the kids to write their thoughts and send the postcard to us from nepal... sounds cool right? i donated $20.. to many of us we can spend $20 easily in a meal, but i think this money means a lot more to the kids there, if you ask me to take time off my busy schedule to go there to help them, i think it's very difficult for me, but if my $20 can help them, i think it's going to be for a good cause.. so if you see this and feel that you wanna help them too, you can either email kel (his contact is on his blog) or you can let me know and i'll pass the message to him.. or you can donate and then request that the kids write "happy belated birthday to jx" and get the postcard posted to me... it would be really nice.. haha

photo taken directly from kel's blog

ok .. will definitely try to get some photos edited and posted tonight!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Italian Dinner Anyone?

Zhiwei will be storming up an italian cuisine with his team from shatec @ Charcoal Restaurant from 17th to 22nd sept this month.

Place: Charcoal @ treasury building. (Cityhall, next to Funan center)
Price: $28 nett
Dress code: Smart casual.
Date: 17th to 22nd sept
Seating timing: Monday to thursday: 530pm to 10pm (last order 930pm)
Friday to saturday: 1st seating: 530pm to 745pm, 2nd seatings: 8pm to 10pm (last order 930pm)

Prelude of dishes:
1st course: Trio of antipasto
2nd course: Zuppa di italiano
3rd course: Soursop Sherbet
4th course: Choice of main course 1st: Roasted Duck leg served w orange sauce, summer greens & parsley mashed potatoes OR 2nd: Seafood squid ink pasta served w salsa di burro
5th course: Lavender & passion fruit mousse with strawberry sauce
Coffee or Tea with petit four

I was really busy, and i realised that today is the last day for reservation. Saturday 8pm onwards is full already. You can walk in too, if course makig a reservation will give you a guarantee of seats. I hope the food lovers out there will give him some support!

(you can let me know if you wanna make a reservation, i'll help you with that)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Quarter Life Celebration

Everyone have been asking me for the photos... sorry, i have been quite busy with work and other stuffs.. and there are lots of really backdated photos to post.. here are those from stanley's birthday celebration at food for thought. I was a wonderful celebration. stanley got around 20 plus friends and the whole cafe was for us only, it's not a big place, but quite cozy. and here we have yy presenting the big ang pow present to birthday boy.
The food looked fantastic, the garlic mash potato was marvelous. the other items are so so.. but the staffs there are really very service oriented, even though the food wasn't that good, i'm sure going back again, hopfully they will have improvement everytime i go back there.
From left to right, there's yunying, borong, js and rip.. waiting to dash over to the serving counter for the buffet dinner..

Surprise visit from superstar diya, something that stanley did expected. when he was asked to turn around, cos there's a special visit from a guest star, he was so shocked and excited, cos he thought his all time fave idol was going to appear.. but to his slight disappointment, it wasn't. but still a super star right? i have no superstar appearing for my birthdays??!! oh but i have a bunch of superhosts though ..

I group photo before the party ended.. i still have many more photos. still very messy in my harddisk, i'll send them out once i'm done with shrinking their sizes and simple touchups. so far i think there's birthday boy, andy and js who wants the photo, if you want them too, send me an email or an sms to let me know.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Comex 2007

Went down to comex to check out external harddisks, meili requested for us to help her get one as she's running out of storage spaces for her serial videos...

Cruz was there hosting a show and cos i was late, i didn't get a good spot for photos. but i guess with so many more pro photographers around, there shouldn't be a lack of nice photos of him.

Got the seagate free agent Go 80Gb for meili. comes with 5 yr warranty,and it looks really chio in black and orange..

During every computer fair, you never fail to see this huge wastage of paper.. and this is only a small little part of the 2 big hall. i wonder how much of these brochures are collected and thrown away at the end of the show.

Salsa at Double O

Went down to double o bar last friday with bingwei to check out a dance performance by the xenbar guys. and of course i have a task, to take nice shots of libing in action.. Firstly we have libing with justin and yanqing
And here we have libing and more friends who went down to support him.
They performed a total of 2 dances, i didn't get good photos of everyone as the place was quite small and there wasn't a lot of space for me to move around. here are the better ones that i got from the preformances.There are more photos, interestings ones were taken when everyone was a little high.. but i won't be showing those here... and we can all see that libing has indeed improved from the last time we see him perform. on his way to becoming a pro dancer!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fresh from the Oven

Postings will be interrupted for a news flash
(postings will resume in cronological order after this)

mms from mingbao
(received 6 sep 2007 13:54pm)

Hi! I am Jerard Tan.
I am in Thomsom Medical Centre with my Daddy now.
He says Mummy is fine and will be at Room XXX later.

Woo... welcome to the world jerard... can't wait to go meet him in person

Yeah, one more september baby!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Salsa Pro in Action

Libing performed at double o bar last friday on their invitation. ok not him alone, but the guys from xenbar... haha

I haven't got time to do up all the photos yet... so here's one of him first.. more to come in a few days time!!