Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Miss Ripple

Miss ripple is going to be 23 yrs old, we met up at sushi tei at paragon for an early celebration cos jason had to leave singapore the next day...
As usual, it was an evening with quite some photos. love this group of people, always ready for the next pose for the camera!! my photography skills won't improve without them.Dun be fooled by this photo, they are not afriad of the camera, they are just pretending to be, haha ... yunying is undeniably the one who loves to act the most, mediacorp should consider getting her to act rather than to host.
Found some kiddy rides outside sushi teh and mr gerald (who still hasn't grow up) wanted to take the rides, luckily he didn't or else the technicians will have a hard time on the next day repairing the machines. better let his enjoy himself while he can before enlistment in march.
Oh, mr gerald is not the only one, jason seemed to live in his younger (much younger) days too... hey, you're supposed to put your legs in the carriage, not outside..

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Farewell Dinner

Meili's going australia to study and she has packed these few weeks to meet up with her friends, it was our turn on thursday evening and we went to eat ipoh hor fun and zi char at loon seng restaurant. These people seldom appear here so gotta post their faces if not it's always the same old faces...
The ipoh hor fun was very good as usual, but the zichar was very bad, dun have to try, will regret! .. it has been a long time since i met up with eddie don and yuanwei too... dunno if we'll meet again soon... mambo at zouk? .. haha .. the teenagers there will look at us like looking at aliens.. what's a bunch of aunties and uncles doing at mambo... anyone iterested? 7th feb?
Our da lao ban preparing to pay for the food!! btw no photos of meili cos didn't have nice ones of her from that evening...

Love is Sweet

How do you look when you are in love?

No Pork No Pork

Something really funny sent to me by joey!! .. haha really very funny, i hope no one get offended. my first video posting!!

Click here if you cannot see the embeded video

Friday, January 26, 2007

251- The Real Poster

Here's the 2 original photos.. the poster and a photo i took of ripple, i forgotten where she was supposed to look so i told ripple not to look into the camera, and i was wrong... anyway,,, hope everyone had a good laugh, and remember to go watch the show ok?
It will be showing from 5 to 15 april at the esplanade theatre studio. ticket prices $33 or $26 for full time students. should be able to get more info from the sistic website. i have yet to check that out.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shopping at Ikea

It was the day where rain's coming, not water dropping from the sky but the mega star from korea. ripple got invited to watch the concert but before that, she had to settle dinner, and somehow we ended up at ikea. ordered quite a lot of food as you can see, but we managed to finish it up.
Since there was time, so we walked around and saw this. a while big baskets full of rats!! who actually approved soft toys made in the shape of rats!! The rats should all be eaten up by the snakes. oh you should have seen this snake if you have been to ikea, they are clearing stock of this i think, cos they reduced the price to $1.90 for each snake!! Dun they look like a couple working in a farm? hey where's your ox and your farming tools?
After this, ripple went for rain's concert and the rest of us (me and js) went to watch blood diamond. it's quite a good show, watch it. ladies, go watch blood diamond!! and see if you will think twice when buying a diamond (or asking someone else to buy a diamond for you) next time

Cashflow Challenge Update

Had round 4 of the heats for cashflow challenge on sunday at bukit timah community club. jason jackson ripple borong and his friend participated for it. during training sessions, borong and ripple are the usual winners and they went for this challenge with quite a lot of confidence. in the end, they both lost, hai... and black horse jason actually won for his table and he's going into the semi finals..He will be competing with the other 24 winners in the semi finals to be held on the 4th Feb, supporters are welcomed!! and he has called himself a price by winning the heats, so if he win the semi, he'll be promoted to be the king? what other title do we have above the king for him if he emerges to be the grand winner, i guess that's not important anymore, the $2000 cash is more important..haha

Fulfilling Dinner on a Sat Evening

Finally found a chance to meet the busy mr law for a meal, he has been busy busy busy with school for the whole week. initially we wanted to try this jap food in clementi, but were out of luck as usual, the place was closed, i wonder why would anyone in food business not open on a sat evening, duh?? earn too much already?. so we decided to go for our dinner at the clementi hawker centre, i heard from friends that the western food is not bad, now i got a chance to try it out.Jl wanted to eat satay but after seeing the queue, this 2 lazy people decided to make do without it.Went ahead to order the famous western food, the stall is called tanglin halt western food, and sat down to chat. since we had to wait for about 30 mins, we went to order more food, had oyster omelette and hokkien mee. the omelette was good, but we didn't know which stall it was from because we ordered when the person happen to walk past our table. hokkien mee was so so only. then western food came, it was quite up to expectation, although my favourite is still the one at margaret drive.

Although we were super bloated after dinner, but i still brought jl to this nearly place for ice cream, it's at sunset way, and you need a car to get there cos it's quite a distance from the main road.This ice cream cafe called the daily scoop. quite crowded when we went there, but we got a small table for ourselves, he ordered the brandied figs with honey and i order the simply chocolate and lychee martini. cool flavours they have right?
A wonderful evening, went home with a round round tummy!! hai .. i guess slimming down is becoming more and more difficult with such eating habits!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Artistic Touchup Part 2

Jl was asking for the end result of the pillar that ripple help me paint some time ago. here it is, before and after..
Before: aluminium strips were used at the edges of the pillar to protect the laminate, so that the laminates won't get peeled off or break easily at the corner.
After: the aluminium strips were painted to look exactly like the laminate design of raw cement. now you cannot see the aluminium strips that obviously and this really feels like a big cemented pillar!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Story of Annabel Chong

Ripple is involved in the production of a new show called 251. it's a story about annabel chong, i guess many of us would have heard about this big name. this time round, ripple is still the set designer.. the show will be shown at the esplanade theatre in march, so be ready to go grab the tickets and or see the set design by ripple and also enjoy the show!.here's the poster.

Remember to click on the poster to see a larger version!! all comments on the poster are welcomed.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Night at Sentosa

Dinner with meili bingwei and leon changed from the expensive tepanyaki at jurong hill to food replublic at vivo city because of bingwei's toothache, but i guess it was a good decision to change it because that led to an eventful evening. a short kopi and teh session at tostbox with some gossips haha..
Sentosa express has started running and we planned to buy a ticket and take a round trip just to experience it, the station was quite empty, probably because it was 9pm in the evening, staffs were very helpful at the stations and direct you to the trains and to the exit with beaming smiles, oh and you cannot use your ezlink card for this ... so we gotta go get tickets from the counter.Got our tickets, ready to board this newest transport system in singapore... it feels like an lrt, reaching the siloso beach was really fast. bingwei can think about being advertisement model, this photo looks like an advert for the sentosa express. maybe sentosa can consider it, anyone there working in sentosa?

Guess what? there's this new club openning at siloso beach called cafe del mar, i guess many would have heard about it. since we are already at siloso beach, why miss the chance to check out this new place, it's free for the night anyway... so we went..
right at the entrance, we met the jemej couple!! still so actively cheonging after marriage, better cheong all they can before kids come into their life!!
One of the few times that you can actually carry an slr camera into a club openly and you can freely take photo of the place. it's really a big place, indoor area is quite small but there's a rooftop area, a pool side bar with a shallow pool that you cannot swim in it, and a big sandy beach area with lot's of day beds to chill out. i guess the pool is there so that you can go to the club in your swimwear without feeling stupid.. cool right?? it was really an eye opener, didn't regret going for the opening of this new club.

Guess what's happenning after the visit to sentosa? not difficult...... going to mingbao's place to play mahjong again.. 3rd time this week. after 2 rounds of mahjong, mingbao brought in cards and we start rounds of card games ... till 4am in the morning, driving back was quite a difficult task, because i need to put in quite some effort to keep awake..
I'm starting to like the high grade mahjong chips.. and when are we going to get the automatic mahjong shuffling table!!... any sponsors?

Jiehong's Birthday Again

Met up at mingbao and jiehong's place again for mahjong on tuesday night, it was a in prompt tu decision.. just 2 days after the previous session, we got together again on a working day night for more mahjong!!! i think we are really addicts..
Jiehong was quite tired, so she went to rest in the room while the 4 of us played, and she fell asleep on the bed while watching tv..

When the clock struck 12, the game as paused and the cake was prepared... mingbao went to wake his wife up for a surprise celebration again.. this time it's the actual day, and again, we did everything chop chop and got back to the game..Jiehong, happy birthday... we hope that you have a nice surprise!!

First of the Lot to be 30

Met up with mingbao, bingwei, meili, jiemin and jiehong to celebrate jiehong's 30th birthday last sunday at ubin seafood at sixth avenue, it wasn't the actual day but we decided to celebrate on that day cos the actualy day is on a weekday and everyone gotta work!! Food there wasn't really fantastic, but we spent quite some time eating because of the crabs.. the crabs were not bad though.. we ordered chilli crabs and garlic pepper crabs, caught a shot of jiemin and dun you think this photo makes you really feel that the crabs are really good? she can't wait to put the next piece of freshly deshelled crab meat into her mouth.
We had a good time chatting, laughing while eating the crabs. yes we ordered quite a lot of the crabs..
One by one, we started to get full and while waiting for the rest, everyone started to find something to do to entertain themselves, bingwei and mingbao started to play games on the handphone, jiemin and meili posing for the camera while jiehong was still busy clearing up the last bits of the crabs...
Bingwei was so insistent that he wanted to break meili's high score on her handphone!! .. haha nearly got boxed by her!!
Finally, dinner was over, next was a mahjong session at jiehong and mingbao's place!! oh.. they have got new chips!! and this set of chips is really the grad a kind of chips!!.. i was so happy with the chips that bangzhi gave me cos they looks better than my previous ones... now look at what they have!!New chips and new rules, this year all of us are going into our 30s, so gotta implement new rules, decided to play mahjong with the "who throw who bao" rule.. supser stressful, careless mistakes are become very costly, but it was fun...
At some point in time, we brought out the surprise cake for jiehong's birthday.. wah .. 3 large candles, jialat, all of us will be going through this very soon!!!
jiehong always had to be the first to experience it since hers is so early in the year. so we chop chop sing song, then chop chop make wish, chop chop blow candle, chop chop cut cake, chop chop eat cake ... cos mahjong had to go on, everyone had to work the next day, but we still played till 2 plus in the morning. We are really mahjong addicts!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Artistic Touchup for Hygeia

Went to my customer's place at tampanies with ripple on sun cos i needed her help to touch up on a piller, i needed an aluminiun strip to look as if it's part of a cement wall, and the only way i can think of it to get an artist to draw it .. so here's ripple at what she's pro at.. drawing.. It was quite scary for her (to stand on such a high ladder to reach all the way up to the 3m high ceiling) and for me (worrying that she might not be able to balance well and might fall) during the whole 3 hrs of painting. finally when it was done, the result was fantastic, the owner was so satisfied that he even ask if she's interested to help him paint 4 large paintings to be hung in his house!!
She merely used some newspapers as her palette and a sponge to apply the paint.. i was really impress!! .. Thanks ripple!!

Gaming Sat's Afternoon Away

Went to jason's place to play the cashflow game with ripple borong and jackson, cos they were unfamiliar with the game and needed practice before going for the challenge. played from 11am to 6pm!! i cannot believe it myself.

while waiting for time to past before dinner, we decided to play taboo!! the different versions of taboo... and i think i still suck at language games like that.. This photo of borong potray him so innocently, you can actually recall the time when you are in primary school trying to play simple charade games... look at the innocent smile he have on his face.. this is so not borong!! .... which makes this photo interesting ..

Oh and we found something in jason's bedroom... this!!!He claims that it belongs to someone else and she did not bring it back, that's why it's lying in his bedroom... haha... it's up to you to believe

Cashflow Game

This week is quite a slack week at work. but i think i'm still catching up from the lack of sleep last week, too tired to post anything when i get home, slept very early . haha .. have lots of stuffs to post... will do a quick one now.

A few of us are currently organising a cashflow challenge, first 2 rounds of heats was carried out last last weekends. and we have 3 more rounds in the upcoming weekends..
Here's a photo of the challenge being carried out at bukit timah community club, all the contestants trying to win at the heats so that they can get to the semi finals and the finals to win the big prize of $2000 cash..
Risa preparing for the post game evaluation, where she gives some tips on how to play the game better.
Ok this is a very chop chop posting.. cos i gotta rush to work early today... will catch up with other postings tonight if i dun fall asleep too early.. interested in the cashflow challenge you can get more details at

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dinner with J4

Met up with j4 for dinner yesterday, thanks to jl for organising it. it was nearly called off because of certain issues, lets not talk about that. initial plan was to go to this hk cafe called xin wang at cenileisure, but because of the heavy rain and js had no umbrella, we went to takashimaya instead, and js suggested eating at ajitei japanese crusine and desert at basement 2. everyone had quite a hilarious time suaning each other and i guess it cheered up jt whose supposed to not be in a good mood that evening. oh and coincidentally all 4 of us wore black, wah.. here's my favourite photo of the day...

Proceeded to coffee club for some drinks and dessert after dinner and to continue to chit chat and we were given a seat by the window.
The window looked down to the first floor of the shopping centre!! wow, it was a little scary sitting by the side.
We had a good time catching up and planning on the next trip (hhmmm but i think there was no concrete outcome from the discussion, had a wonderful fresh fruit fondue, a wonderful evening to start the weekend.