Friday, August 01, 2008

The Making of Cactus (Part 1)

In march, kevin approached me to discuss on this project. and i saw the artist impression of the shop... it was impressive.. and he ask if i was interested to take it up to create it from paper to something we can see and touch. from then, we cracked out brains on the materials to use, how to build such a massive structures, how to have it flexible enough for changes in the display area etc etc.

Work started in june, from a bare shop, got the electrical wirings up, the air conditioning, the flooring, the roller shutter etc. (Click any of the photos to see a larger version)
Next, it was all the carpentry work to be done at the workshop, massive structures were built up, first it was the display shelves, took up a huge part of my workshop, but looks really nice with all the symmetrical boxy shelves..
The arches at the top of the display section is quite a headache too, had to have it sitting on the display cabinet but not topple over and we need to hide the existing roller shutters in it. actually i find the skeletal frames of arches looking very nice, even before the laminates are up.
Many sleepless nights installing at the shop, can be quite stuffy when they switch off the air con after 10pm.
Wasn't too long when the display section on the 2 sides of the shop was done up, next up will be the lights, the suspended ceiling feature and the runway.

New Members of the 30's Club

Busy saturday, first it was leon's surprise birthday celebration at bishan.. but when he arrived, he dun seemed surprised leh.. perhaps we need to have like 30 guests in order for him to be shocked.... the birthday cake looks cool... 16 individual cupcakes with liverpool as the theme... yv went thru quite a bit to get it done up like that... i heard we nearly got blue coloured ones..

Birthday boy .. erm.. ok birthday uncle and the cute little nat nat... he's eyes seems bigger and rounder each time i visit him. i stayed for a while, had a glass of champagne, some snacks, a cupcake and then i had to rush down to labrador park for another celebration....

Next stop, the moon ladder cafe at labrador park, if you didn't drive, it would be a problem getting out of this place. cafe was cool, very spacious, huge seats nice cushion, just pray that it doesn't rain.Js' big 30 too, pre celebration as he won't be in sg on his bd. entertainer for the evening, kitty. sat for a while, had a drink, some games, some snacks.. and then we moved on for the next activity... mahjong...
A nice pool with a platform and glass shelter where you can hold small functions, like solemnisations, seems really cool.
End of the day... lost mahjong to rs zt and br... sianzzzz.. haha