Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Celebration 2 (Part 2 - Mascot & You)

After MJC, it was time for the next item "mascot and you". the organisers told all of us that the dress code for the party was to to dressed silimarly to our mascot, we are allowed to bring anything as out mascot and there'll be a competition with prizes to be won!! here are the contestants

Wah .. i wonder why it took my such a long time to get these photos up... feel free to comment on the mascots and the owners.. most effort should go to cruz and the cosplay guys.. least effort should be yunying, jason can share that prize too.. most bo chap is xiaozhou who never even bring a mascot, he just took the micky that was on my table. most hilarious gotta be xintian with the seashell. zhentao's polly is undeniably the biggest mascot of the day.

Ok... i gotta go play mahjong now .. will post more on other parties later...

Another Cute Girl at Vivo City

Following the previous cute girl we saw, here's another one, a liang gim gim one!! saw this girl at zara, trying out this shiny dress with the hanger still on the dress. she was thinking of submitting this for entry into "singapore next top model" photoshoot competition. I wonder when is this competition scheduled to be held.. who are the other contestants??

Cute Girl at Vivo City

We were shopping at vivo city last week and we saw this mum carrying her daughter at the mall. she looks really adorable. cannot resist so i took out my camera to try to take her picture, once she see my camera initially, she turned her head away... finally as her mum was walking away, i managed to catch a shot of her....

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Celebration 2 (Part 1 - MJC2006)

This happened a week ago, have been too busy with work that i have no time to edit the photos...

It's my second christmas celebration, this time it's held at my place and ripple and borong are the organizers!!after some home cooked food, we proceeded to the finals of mjc2006 (mahjong challenge 2006). official host is yunying aka the green tea.. and the finalist are zhentao, xiaozhou, cruz and bangzhi.It was a tough match, everyone played very fast, cruz won twice with only 1 tai each, zhentao follow up with a 2 tai win (i think) and another 2 tai ... xiao zhou was the best, 2 4 tais in a row!! .. looks like he's on a winning streak... poor bangzhi.. pay and pay.. lose and lose .. last 5 mins... bangzhi hu with a 5 tai zi mo!! ... and it made him won with the highest score!!
Here we have the winner and the runners up... all have a trophy to bring home, personally hand crafted by ripple!! more photos to come in a later posting ... look out for part 2

Sunday, December 24, 2006

First Christmas Celebration

Henry and delphine invited us to their new place at joo chiat for a mini christmas gathering cum house warming on friday night. it was a small condo establishment, but i felt that it was quite a cosy and convenient place with a 24 hr cold storage just downstairs.
After dinner at a zi char stall nearby, we proceeded to his place for drinks, he was boasting about his fully stocked up bar when he was inviting us, and true enuff, the bar was fantastic, it has everything a bar should have and his wine stock was enuff for a many many parties.
When asked what drinks we would like to have, we all decided to try his skills on our all time favourite at zouk wine bar... the lychee martini. and i guess he already knew we wanted that and he opened a new can of lychee and started concocting the mixture... looks pro right? btw i didn't know that the liquor in lychee martini is gin, i always thought there's a kind of liquor called martini and you mix that with the lychee liquor.. sua guu man..
Here we have our lychee martini... it was good. full marks for henry!!

We also had margarita and wine, white and red, for the evening, and as usual, bingwei is the first the get red and very very red, it matches his newly coloured hair quite well... after a while we had meili joining him in the lobster team..
This was a nice gathering for all of us, didn't have much chance to really catch up with one another because of our work schedule. merry christmas every one.. btw the people from top to bottom on the tall photo... meili qibin tingting roger dorina mingbao bingwei jiehong. More christmas parties to come!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

An Evening at Holland Village

Goldie will be off to hk till next year, so ripple suggested a gathering before she flies off, we met at holland village for dinner at essential brews, i never know why they call themselves that name until i saw the menu, everything has got an element of tea in them, even the rice smells and taste of tea... It was an evening where ripple was busy helping goldie with her make up cos she was going clubbing after dinner while the rest of us are reminiscing on events happening in the past year... or more like gossiping about people and things that happened...
Here's goldie after the make up was done.. any comments? i did try to use photoshop to improve the photo a little... i think it will be better if she had powdered her face and add some rouge on her cheeks .. but after i tuned the photo, it does seemed as if her face was powdered ...

Anyway, didn't have many nice photos for this gathering, but there's still 1 that i like. my favourite photo for the dayI held the camera in position for very long before i could catch an expression like that... i just love candid shots...

Oh.. and ripple tried hard and finally persuaded goldie to allow me to post a picture that was taken quite some time ago. it all started when jon kissed terry, so ripple kissed goldie on her bd, and when ripple saw sumitra kissing kianhong, she couldn't stand it because she just had to be better then the rest. So i was asked to post this.... any comments? (artistic director: js)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

J2 Back from Phuket

Jt and jl came back from their holiday at phuket. surprisingly they dun look any more tanned than when they left, still quite fair ... did it rain in phuket as it did in singapore? gotta ask them.... anyway, after meeting them at the airport, we decided to go to the new ikea at tampines!!It was really a huge place, imagine shopping in a large warehouse, even the restaurant was so much bigger than the one in alexandra. it was wed noon at such an unaccessible place, and the restaurant is still filled with people, it took a while before we found seats for ourselves...
I got a free meal again.. haha... this ikea provides small trolleys where you can place 3 trays of food, solves the problem of having to take multiply trips from the food counter because the plates are so big that you cannot squeeze 2 on a single tray.

The 2 of them actually went shopping for lots of shirts... tailor made, according to them it's very worth it to tailor make clothes from there ... and js actually ask them to help him get a few!!! here he is with his new shirts!Here's a photo of jt posted to compensate for the badly shot photo that i posted in a previous post. i guess this photo has met your requirement of no fat cheeks, no dark eye circles and no cock eye!! ... nice?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sumitra Birthday Again

It's sumitra's actual 21st birthday on sunday, it's also the day terry kelly kianhong and liping goes taipei for a 6 day trip. so we gathered at the airport to have some sort of a celebration for sumitra againHaha ... how often do you see the birthday boy carrying the bd cake on his lap while blowing the candles and then cutting it there as well... where's everyone else? no one seemed to be helping him. and there was no utensils to eat the cake at the departure lobby of terminal 1, in the end he brought the cake home after feeding a few pieces to us wuth the plastic knife.
Kelly's little cousin, dun you think she look almost the same size as him when she squats beside him? that's how small size she is..
Finally, the 4 of the going for the holiday have to go in to board the plane, look at the crowd, dunno if they are going for a 6 day holiday trip or a 6 year trip, it looks like someone going overseas to study.. so many people sending off!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Littlesheep

It's a post birthday celebration for zhentao on sat evening, his birthday was actually 2 days ago. As requested by the birthday boy, we went to settlers cafe (the same place where we celebrated his birthday last year)Woah... oily face!! ... he's posing for another camera, you can see photos from that camera on cruz's blog,
One of his birthday present, a sling bag... ok that's about it for his birthday, lazy to type, it's nearly 5am in the morning now, so read about the birthday from the link above... I'll go on to other interesting stuffs...

Art got his eyes corrected, he lasiked them and it's a much easier process than zhentao's, so now the both of them have got perfect eye sight... hai... when can i have a perfect eyesight?

Does this look like a fan getting hysterical when she gets to take a photo with her idol?
The 2 natural posers...
Here we have zhentao and xiaozhou in the "wangxi pose" haha ... gotta find a day we get the 2 of them together with bangzhi and borong to do this... i think we can do it next week!!

Lastly, my favourite photo of the day, i think in the long run, when i sort out my photos and take out all my favourites, they will all look the same, it's just different people in different clothes .. haha

Early Morning Flight

It was 3+ in the morning on saturday, and i was still awake... decided not to sleep because half an hour of sleep is worse then not sleeping at all... jt and jl were going to phuket for a holiday... so at 4, i went to pick the 2 of them and got them to the airport ... the budget terminal. my first visit to this newest terminal in singapore...Wow.. it really lives up to it's name, everything there looks very budget, the ceiling, the floor, the check in counter, the staff, the f&b outlets (only han's btw) etc etc
After they got their boarding pass, we proceeded to the only f&b outlet for breakfast.
Of course i had to get them to at least treat me breakfast right? and the food there was quite good. after breakfast, i was playing around with my cam as usual while we chat and waited for time to pass, i got these photos.

Jl looks sad right? i think it's because he's going to miss singapore, he's going to miss us..... as opposed to ......
Jt who's more interested in taking a photo of han's!!

As i was leaving, i realised 1 thing that's not budget there, the partking charges!!Anyway!!.. i hope you 2 have an enjoyable holiday!! Wah!! it's 4:30 am in the morning now and i gotta work at 9... sianz!!! hopefully i can post 1 more!!

Sumitra's Birthday Celebration

Celebrated sumitra's birthday at nydc in suntec last friday evening. another 21st birthday, and this is the dunno how many birthday celebration posting that i'm doing for my blog and my blog is not even half a year old..
We only got him a small little slice of cake, seems very pathetic for a 21st birthday right? but i'm sure he doesn't mind, as long as there's his gf with him, and good friends around, everything else doesn't matter right? haha ...
How can we miss out on a sabo, we have yongheng and kianhong prepared some drinkable stuffs esp for the birthday boy!! and he gulp everything down like a man!! .. woh hoh!! .. in goes the garlic, lemon, onion, ketchup, blended oyster, bittergourd and i forgotten what else they added.
Since a few celebrations ago, kisses are not to be missed, especially from your most loved ones.... and from terry's birthday, a new tradition was started, a kiss from someone of your same gender in line was goldie's birthday.. so sumitra decided to take the initiative this time round
hhmmm... kian seems to be enjoying it.. haha

Risa just did her hair and she was happily posing for me, so how can i not post any photos of her and her new hair. i like this one, it's sharp and i like the angle where she's looking at.