Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Flowers for Valentine's Day

Click on the image fora larger version. If you are going to get flowers for your loved ones.. get it from terry k??

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Year Party

Got as sms just a day or 2 before new year from cruz to inform of the new year day party which will be held on 1 jan 2008 at 2:30 am!! got a shock when i saw the timing.. he even did a nice invitation banner ... check it out here. Still has a theme to follow!! how to dress like an 881 character?? in the end i think and think, i decided to go as an audience watching a ge tai performance, and i see that i;m not that only one dressed like that!!

Had some party games like pictionary and charade, and most of it as in hokkien to suit the theme.. lots of prizes and goodies too!! everyone was wide awake even though the party started only at around 330am. and people were still arriving after that!

Even though he didn't win the best dress competition, i still think zt did the best, cos he really took reference from the show and came in almost exactly what liu ling ling wore in the show, just that he doesn't have her size!! even got a measuring tape!!!

The nominees for best dress ... and another thing i noted is that cruz's mum looks damn young man!!! you have a hot mum!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Boxing Day Performance

Went down to victoria theatre on boxing day with bingwei zhenhong jerine mingbao and jiehong to watch a performance by the guys from xen bar. and of course tickets were from libing!! he's really improving fast, from casual dancing to street performance to teaching of small classes, and then international competition and now full scale stage performance. all if just around a year. impressive

Went over to lao pa sat for supper after the performance, looking forward for more of his performances coming up!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Christmas Day Gathering

It's christmas day.. gathered at jiehong and mingbao's place in the afternoon, wine was served immediately.. and mahjong started early..
There was a short photo taking session for jerard.. jerard loves to take photo as we can see.. many photos of him from that day, if any of you want the photos, let me know. so here are some of the nicer ones i picked out..

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve party was held at jiemin and james' place, visitors are not allowed to park in the condo.. gotta park at the public carpark, but with some tricks from jiemin, managed to get in and park inside. food was good, esp the satay from clementi, 100 pcs all gone even though everyone claim that they were quite full!!

Main game was guessing the present.. all present had to be somewhat linked to the theme of 'dirty'. some of the items includes toilet paper, brooms, washing power etc.. others includes cd rack (cos it unclutters the messy table), adult comic book (for the dirty minded) etc.. here are some of the more interesting pictures, lots more, but no time to edit and post them all.

It was a nice gathering, everyone had fun and food was good...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Pre Christmas Meetup

Managed to get js ripple and borong to meet up just before christmas, passed them their gifts and had a nice dinner at sakae teppanyaki at bugis junction.the food was quite good, we ordered 3 sets to be shared by 4 person, and the amount was just right, price came out to be about $20 a person, satisfying dinner i must say.

Some interesting conversation that we had during dinner, but i'm writing this so long after the event, it might not be 100% accurate, but the jist is there. try to check out the food pix on justximplyfood before reading on, it'll be more interesting.

br: how come the butter on the hotplate won't melt one huh?
jx: because it is tofu and not butter

jx: the bamboo clams are really nice.
br: which one is the bamboo clam
jx: ... erm.. the one where the shell is long shaped like bamboo..
br: oh that one is the shell ar, i thought it's a decorative dish

jx: wah so much garlic for the fried rice, must be really nice.
br: wah, must have taken them a long time to chop so much garlic
jx: heard of the blender?

Proceeded to tcc for chit chat and to play with borong's new camera, now that he has a blog, he gotta learn how to take nice photos with his camera. remember to check our his blog here!!